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Nautica Blue for Men

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Smells so fresh and so clean clean


Nautica blue will have everyone around you wherever you go telling you how great you smell. The girls especially love the smell of this stuff. I dont know what it is about it, but it really does smell so fresh and it is just a refreshing scent. Most colognes now a days are either musky or ust too strong. This one is neither. It is strong enough that you notice it, but not so strong that you turn your head when the person walks by you because the smell smacks you in the face. This is a scent that every man and every girl should like. I dont' know how anyone can not like the way this stuff smells. Anyone who is looking for a new cologne I would tell them to check out Nautica Blue and if they don't like it then I will admit to being wrong about it, but I'm sure at least 90 percent of people that smell this love it.

Lisman, AL


Nautica Blue smells so fresh


I have worn this cologne for years and everywhere I go I get compliments on how good I smell. Ths isn't a terribly overpowering cologne. It has a fresh smell and aroma. I don't really know how to describe the smell, but it doesn't smell a lot like cologne. Most colognes have a very distinct smell and you can tell it is cologne. With this it is more something that smells really good, but not necessarily a cologne. I love the smell of this and girls seem to love the way it smells too. Girls are always the ones that tell me how good I smell when I am out somewhere. I recommend this cologne to anyone who wants to smell good without smelling overpowering and everyone knowing you are the one with all the cologne when you walk in the room. This stuff does smell really really good.

Auburn, AL


Wow! Nautica Blue is so refreshing!


            Relax and get ready to smell like the best thing ever. I don't always wear cologne, but if I do this is usually my first choice. Nautica Blue makes me feel like I am at the beach, and it reminds me of a refreshing ocean scent. The women absolutely love this cologne, but that is not the main reason I wear it.  I wear it because I feel so refreshed and relaxed when I put it on.  A lot of colognes out there are too overpowering, or they have good scent that doesn't last long enough. This stuff has the best smell and it will stay on all day or night. The price of Nautica Blue is very affordable, and it smells better than more expensive scents. You can get this great fragrance at any department store, or at hundreds of online retailer sites. Just type in Nautica Blue or call your favorite department store, they will also tell you how great this product is.  It will definitely jump-start you day or night. Try it! I am glad I did!

Irmo, SC


That was a night to remember


I'll never forget the night I sprayed this for the first time. Me and a few friends went to a club one Friday and had a few drinks. As the night went on I began to notice women turning there heads when I walked past. I have all kinds of fragrances and I usually dont get too many reactions from anyone. I dont know if its because I have such a large collection and noone notices or if its the selection of frangrances, although I typically use top shelf. For some reason I was the center of attention that night. Nautica Blue had the women going crazy. When the bar tender asked me to sit at her end of the bar I thought nothing of it until she started to feed me double shots of greygoose back to back to back. By the end of the night I was wasted, and with a total stranger, though a sexy stranger. When I asked her why she took such an intrest in me she said it was the smell on my clothes that drove her bananas. Nautica Blue strikes again.   

Grand Rapids, MI


Nautica Blue is Not My Style.


My husband and I both love to have a collection of perfumes and colognes.  We really enjoy the different scents, and of course, want to smell good for each other, and when we go out in public.  His mother bought him Nautica Blue for Christmas.  We had both heard of it, and were anxious to smell it.  I, immediately, thought it smelled like Lysol!  My husband disagreed, so I tried to be quiet, and decided I would give it another chance once he applied it to his body.  It still smelled like Lysol!  I was not the only one who thought so, my children agreed with me.  My husband still liked the scent, but he finally got tired of us teasing him about smelling like a very clean house, so he gave the bottle of Nautica Blue to his friend.  It is a bit pricey, and in my opinion, it just does not smell good enough to merit the high price.  I know cologne is a matter of opinion, and it smells different on everyone who wears it, but this is one cologne I wouldn't recommend spending your money on.

Norman, OK




do you guys want to smell really great, feel confident, and have the ladies commenting all night on how good you smell, them nautica blue comes highly reccomended. It has all the abealing ingredients possible in a fragrence, and comes from a name brand that sells all of the quality closes that you could ever want, why not put the icing on the cake and smell the part. try it you will keep spraying for more.

Oakdale, NY




i think it smells really good but its kind of too strong and sort of cheap smelling. Ido like the spicy scent it has, but im not all that keen on cologne that smells really aftershaverish. i like the brands that smell light and sexy and this is okay, but not a favorite of mine.

Columbus, IN


refreshing scent that last


My wife found Nautica Blue and had to buy it for me. I like the gentle but refreshing smell. When we go out for the evening my wife reminds me to wear Nautica Blue , she says it will drive the other women mad. 

Abilene, KS


A great product for men on the beach!


Nautica for men is a great product that helps teh wearer really refine who he is through expressing himself as the center of attention. Donning this cologn will help you feel like a better man, a more bolder and confidant person on the beach as well as at the club. Great for a nice clean and sensual scent woman cant help but love!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Durham, NC


Nautica Blue for Men

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