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Nature's Way
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Nature's Way Primadophilus Kids Cherry Flavor Chewable Vitamins

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Primadophilus for Kids


My granddaughter is always on antibiotics. This last time around I was quite upset with her doctor. She had a cough that lasted for a month, but when she went to the Dr. they could find absolutely nothing wrong ... so they put her on antibiotics. I personally think it is allergy related. Anyway, when I am on antibiotics I eat yogurt with live cultures or take acidophilus. I found a great product that works in this manner for kids ... Nature's Way Primadophilus for Kids. The bottle contains 30 cherry flavored chewable tablets. My daughter likes to buy her daughter gummy style vitamins, and I don't like those because the sugar sticks to her teeth. I much prefer these chewable pills. And she LOVES them. The product claims: 3 billion CFUs Bifidobacteria & Lactobacilli 3 strain formula specifically designed for kids ages 2-12 years The ingredients contains 80 mg of their proprietary blend of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Longum, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus. I think these are great for children who are on antibiotics a lot. It's important that we correct their intestinal flora after they have been taking antibiotics because good bacteria is killed as well as bad bacteria.

Eagle River, AK


Best primadophilus for kids


These are my favorite "acidophilus" tablets for kids.  My kids love them and they actually ASK me for them!  I was hesitant because they were cherry flavored which is a flavor my kids could care less for but they loved this.  They said it tasted very natural and sweet.  I began purchasing these after reading about probiotics and their benefit on the children's immune system.  A friend of mine feeds probiotics to their kids throughout the winter and they NEVER get sick!  A lot of the children's probiotics contain sugars or unnatural ingredients so I liked that these were all natural.  It is also reassuring for me to know that my kids are eating something healthy that can fight off bad bacteria and encourage their digestive system.  Supposedly it is best to keep these refrigerated.  They are also said to have cured children of acid reflux and other ailments.  These are also a healthy alternative to yogurt.  Yogurt is said to prolong your life (due to the probiotics) but it contains tons of sugar.  Try serving these when you provide them vitamins.

Haymarket, VA


Nature's Way Primadophilus Kids Cherry Flavor Chewable Vitamins

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