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Nature's Way
Nature's Way Alive Women's Energy Multivitamin-Multimineral Caffeine-Free 50 tabs

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Great supplement, but hard to take


I almost finished the bottle..but eventually switched to vitamins that were smaller. I had trouble taking these because the tablets were so large. sometimes they wouldn't go down..they smell and taste like chalk. This was the worst part, when the vitamin would start to dissolve in my mouth. I do like that you only need to take once per day and the nutrition label speaks for itself. If the tablets were a little smaller, I would have probably taken them more frequently. I like the extra boost of vitamin D and that it is derived from fruits and vegetables. I do wish these came in a translucent bottle, so you could see what the vitamins looks like before buying. These vitamins were a better value compared to their gummies, since the gummies require more than one per day. Aside, from the size of the tablets, these were a great value when you buy them on sale. I would recommend these vitamins, as long as you don't mind taking large vitamins



Alive Multivitamins gives me lasting energy


I wake up too early and go to bed way too late so I needed a mulitvitamins that gives me lasting energy. I was drawn to Nature's way alive women's energy multi largely because I had a coupon and thought i would give it a try. the retail price without the savings is very affordable and I liked that it was caffeine free, It is filled with all the good things that our bodies need to stay healthy along with quite a few extras.......In my opinion i believe that the pill size is a little on the large side, I cut it in half and take it that way but other than that I like it a lot. I don't feel run down all day like before. I have a lot of energy since I have started taking this mulitvitamins. I would recommend it

Latonia, KY


Alive! makes me feel Alive!


I bought Alive! vitamins because I was in need of a multi-vitmain , I'm a vegetarian and I eat soy meat and tofu daily but I still feel tired. The packaging was eye catching, and specifically for females. When I first opened the bottle I didnt not enjoy the scent , and as well, I was surprised by the vitamins large size. Another, drawback the bottle only contains 50 vitamins and though their cheaper then some vitmains you have to buy a new bottle every other month where most have about 100 capsules. The after taste forvitamin doesnt taste good, but I have to say I feel so much more alie(as cheesy as that sounds) I have much more energy . I'm a college student and often I go to school and have work in the same day , before I would come home and have to take a nap after school before work but now I dont feel a need to nap at all. I feel more focused and this vitamin contains the hair nail a skin supplemnts in it as well but I have yet to notice a difference in my skin, nails, or hair. I'd reccomend this , I think it does it's job I've taken other multivitamins but theyve yet to have the same affect ! 

Odessa, FL


Alive multivitamins don't always make me feel alive!


As you will find in all or at least most of my reviews is that I always recommend sampling something before buying.  After coupons and a sale I was pretty much able to get these vitamins for next to nothing.  I have always been very tired, especially after mono in college.  I was hoping to feel ALIVE after these vitamins!  I still have yet to feel more energy, it has not effected that side of me.  I am still taking them however because I know a multivitamin is important, and I am sure that it is beneficial to be getting 26 fruits and vegetables in one pill.  I will say however if you have trouble swallowing pills, these are not for you.  They are truly horse pills!  I have no issues swallowing pills, they are even quite large for me!  All in all, there is no harm in taking htis multivitamin, because everyone should take one.  I guess if energy comes with it that could be considered a bonus!

Berlin, NJ


Great multivitamin with an energy boost


I have always taken multivitamins but a lot have left me wondering how good they were or if they did anything.  But with the Alive vitamins, I actually feel the difference.  I feel better when I take them and get a little energy boost from them.  They are a complete vitamin supplement that are really geared towards women's health.  I like that they really took into consideration what nutrients and vitamins women really need and have made sure they added those.

Euless, TX


Nature's Way Alive Women's Energy Multivitamin-Multimineral Caffeine-Free 50 tabs

3.8 5