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Nature's Way
Nature's Way Alive! Whole Food Energizer

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Best vitamin I ever took


I discovered Nature's Way Alive! Whole Food Energizer vitamins a few years ago and have been taking them mostly faithfully ever since. When I did try a different brand I felt it! These vitamins come with added iron or without. The reviews I read sold me. I knew that whole food vitamins are the best to take. Why take "Juice Plus" when you can get similar results in Nature's Way Alive plus vitamins! They have kept me well and energized. The only drawback is #1, their size...#2, their vegetable odor and taste (dissipates quickly) and #3, the fact you take three a day. Knowing you are taking a well-thought out vitamin with whole fruits, whole vegetables, vitamins and minerals makes up for the cons. The feeling you are doing something good for your body also makes up for it. Staying well more than makes up for it also. Lately I have been taking one or two a day and I can feel it. So I will be watchful to take three a day as directed for full benefit. I order these two or three bottles at a time and they last me a long time. Reasonably priced for the # in a bottle.

Hiram, OH


Multivitamin and more.


I have been using these vitamins for several years, and I wouldn't use anything else! I am a preschool teacher, and I was constantly getting colds from my students. I wanted to find some sort of supplement to help keep me healthy without causing any other problems or side effects (echinacea can actually cause allergy symptoms in some people, and can't be used continuously). I discovered this product through some online research, and decided to try it despite its hefty price tag. I find that I get sick far less often when I am using this product faithfully, and when I start to forget to take it for more than a week or so, my overall well-being begins to decline. I can really feel the difference within about an hour of taking this product in the morning. And I love that it has fruit and vegetable complexes in it - when you open the bottle, it actually smells fruity! These vitamins are so powerful, I find I don't have to take the recommended three per day - I take one in the morning, and usually another at night. Highly recommend!

Auburn, NH


Truly makes you feel Alive!


Alive! Multi-vitamins will truly help you feel alive!  I was feeling slow, sluggish and in general extremely tired.  I knew I need to adjust my eating and my vitamin intake.  Friends suggested a good multi-vitamin that included some type of whole foods.  In general, I've heard that whole foods are better for your body and help you absorb the vitamins and minerals more easily.  After trying a few other brands of mega multi vits, I came across Alive! at our local Whole Foods Store, and bonus, it was on sale!  I choose the kind without iron mostly because too much iron tends to hurt my stomach.  After a week of taking these vitamins I noticed a huge difference.  I no longer felt the need to take naps and I had extra energy so working out seemed more doable.  Overall, I would say this is the very best vitamin I've taken.  I don't worry if I have to eat on the run anymore because I know I am getting the things I need from these vitamins.  One word of advice, I would definitely take this would food. 

Indianapolis, IN


Nature's Way Alive! Whole Food Energizer

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