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Nature's Recipe
Nature's Recipe Training Treats

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Great Size, Not So Great Quality


My dog is quite small - he's a Chihuahua - and it can be tough to find small treats for him sometimes so when I came across Nature's Recipe's Training Treats I picked up a jar for him. I love that these come in a little recloseable jar versus a pouch since it's so much easier to open and close than a pouch and I know the treats will stay fresh. These are a nice, small size which is perfect for my dog's tiny mouth. He devours them whole whenever he can. He really seems to enjoy the flavor and likes being able to get three or four treats instead of his usual one biscuit. What I don't like are the ingredients. These are not very good quality treats. They are filled with things like corn syrup, soy flour, and artificial colors and flavors. I really don't want these things in my dog's diet since they aren't good for him so these are not an everyday treat for him. He does appreciate them as a once in a while surprise though and they're great to keep in the car for car rides since the container does not spill.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Super Portable


I have the Nature's Recipe Training Treats in chicken flavor, and my pup Loki loves them. I don't use them for training treats much. Instead, I like them for their small size and portable packaging. When we venture for a walk the few things I always grab are: leash, phone, keys, and these treats. The bottle is a good size to fit in my pocket, and the treats are small enough where I'm not trying to break one into bits in the middle of a walk. He's a small-medium dog (about 16-18 pounds) so I hate to give him more than one of anything too big. I don't even have to pull out a treat to get his attention anymore. When he hears the sound of the top being flipped open, he immediately sits. These Nature's Recipe bits are small enough to put in "busy toys." Balls or bones that you I put three or four of these treats or pieces of kibble that he has to knock around to get them out. It holds his attention than a normal toy would alone. I started using his glow in the dark, hollow Chuck-It ball and these treats for him to "find it." I can now hide his ball anywhere in the house and he'll sniff it out for these treats inside. Although his stomach isn't very picky anyway, we've also never had a problem with him and these Nature Recipe treats.



Doesn't hurt my dogs tummy.


These treats are a great size. Although my dog is large, I prefer to give her smaller treats so I can give her more. She loves the taste and they don't bother her very sensitive stomach. Also, these are a good price for a high quality product. Also, it is easy to find coupons and discounts for this brand!



Reward for Good Behavior


I've been looking for a small treat to reward my over weight dog for good behavior since I have her on a diet.  I just seemed to me that most treats were too big and would add too many calories to her diet.  I wanted something nutritional but not too many calories but would let her think she was getting something special.  I was pretty excited as I researched at the pet store when I happened upon Nature's Recipe Training Treats that were just small soft and chewy treats with the first ingredient of chicken.  It is the perfect size, shape and texture for rewarding my dog.  The treats are made with chicken, corn syrup, soy flour, wheat flour, corn starch and water which seems to be more nutritional than rawhide, grain filled bones or other chews that I found.  The treats are about twice the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil so not too big to be adding a lot to my dogs diet.  When I get the 7 oz. bottle out and shake it, she knows the sound and knows that she is going to be rewarded.  They also come in a smaller bottle around 3 oz.

Flint, TX


Nature's Recipe Training Treats

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