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Natures Purest
Natures Purest Complete Comfort Hug Me Collection high chair

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Nature's Purest - A good basic high chair


I chose this high chair for my daughter based mostly on its color scheme. So many of the high chairs I saw were so garish - neon colors, crazy designs, etc. This beige high chair blended into my dining room very well. It claims to be organic, which I think is more of a gimmick than anything else - I mean, how organic can a plastic and vinyl chair be? I do like the fact that the seat is all cotton on one side for a baby, and has vinyl on the other side for a messy toddler. The chair is not perfect - it's a little bulky and taking the cover off and putting it back on is a pain, but it's a really good, basic chair that has worked very well for my child. Sturdiness The Nature's Purest high chair seemed very sturdy for me. Its legs are spread very wide - that's sort of a complaint for me, as it makes the chair bulky and it takes up a lot of floor space, but the wide spread of the legs makes the chair very sturdy and secure. There's no fear of tipping over. Durability I only had one child, but the chair seems to have worn very well. I tossed the seat cover into the washing machine many times, and both the fabric and vinyl sides have been durable and come out looking like new. I've passed the chair onto the child of a friend, and as far as I know, it is still going strong. Design The design was the big selling point for this chair. I love its soft, neutral beige color. It doesn't draw a lot of attention to itself, but sort of blends into the background, which is what I prefer in my dining room. Safety I always felt my daughter was safe in the chair. The harness snaps very securely, and the tray table also snaps into place tightly. As I mentioned, this chair has a wide stance and I was never worried about tipping over. Ease of Cleaning The Nature's Purest high chair is reasonably easy to clean, but some aspects are a hassle. The tray has a secondary tray on top that pops out. It's easy to pop out the secondary tray and wash it, but the secondary tray is also a hassle because bits of food get crammed underneath. I love that the seat cover can be taken off and washed, but taking it off and putting it on is a hassle. I always had to turn the chair upside down to reach all the tiny little elastic fasteners; it took forever.

Mundelein, IL


High chair soft and practical


We put this high chair on our registry and were very excited to receive it as a gift.  The seat cushion is machine-washable, and even dual-sided: one side is soft for smaller infants, and the other is vinyl for easy wipe-off cleaning. The harness is a little difficult to adjust as our baby grows, and the slots for the straps don't seem to go high up enough on the shoulder as she gets bigger.  But it holds her secure once she is set. It's nice that there are wheels for moving it around a little, and also there are brakes for safety.  I would have liked for the brake switches to have been a little bigger.  Usually I'm setting or releasing them with one bare toe, which is difficult and painful! The tray is easily washable, and has a smaller removable inset (with molded cup-holder) that can more easily fit in the sink for cleaning.  The tray also can be removed with one hand, which is great, as all moms know, because we learn to do everything with a child in one arm.

Smyrna, GA


Just Okay


I am the mother of two daughters both of whom have used this high chair within the past 2 years.  We registered for this high chair before my first daughter was born because of the gender neutral colors and the softness of the fabric. There are some pros and cons to this chair.  The first pro is that you can take the high chair cover off and throw it into the washing machine.  The second pro is that it does recline and raise and lower which is handy with as your child grows and gets a bit taller.  The first con is that the top part of the high chair cover is fabric - not the plastic marterial that the rest of the cover is made of - I don't know what this company was thinking.  Not only is it crazy to think this part of the cover would stay clean and not need to be just wiped down - it is the most lint catching animal fur trapping material I have ever seen.  Yuck!  The second con is that the tray that comes in and out is a bit too easy to remove.  My one year old could pull it off and on without any trouble (that was a bit annoying).  My advice - consider an all plastic high chair that can just be wiped down.

Powell, TN


This is a great high chair!


I really love this high chair because it is comfortable for my son and it reclines.  The height is adjustable and it is very easy to clean.  The wheels lock very well.  It is a little bulky, but overall, I am very pleased with it.

Kansas City, MO


Skip this high chair


I loved the fact that this chair was gender neutral.  I never really looked at anything except the design of what was on the chair.  The chair is to big for my daughter and the reclining feature does not allow the seat to go all the way to the last level because it blocks the circulation of her legs.  I would recommend trying out a high chair before you buy.

Mchenry, IL


Natures Purest Complete Comfort Hug Me Collection high chair

3.8 5