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Nature's Plus
Nature's Plus Vibragest

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We never eat out without Vibragest!


Vibragest was recommended to us by a friend.  I am so glad that he did!  We have sufferers of asthma, constipation and headaches at our house.  We are VERY particular about what we put in our mouths!  No refined sugars, no refined flours and no salt. The only problem is that sometimes mom needs a break from the kitchen!  That doesn't happen very often, but when it does we always take vibragest with us.  The first thing that I apreciate about Vibragest is that it can be transported and taken easily because it is in capsule form.  This makes it easy to send to summer camp with the kids so that they can avoid being miserable when eating healthy is not likely! I can even give it to my two year old when necessary - just open the capsule and sprinkle it on his food.  Everyone at my house takes it if we know a meal is going to be extra heavy for us. Nature's Plus is a great company because all the products are PLANT based - no worries about animal products!  This is nice for vegans, but also for health conscious folks who realize more and more of the animal products are contaminated - mad cow, swine flu - I don't think the list is going to get shorter anytime soon!

Edmond, OK


Nature's Plus Vibragest

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