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Sandwich Thins
Nature's Own
Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds

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Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds: Great new entry to crowded field


Just last week I reviewed the new Thomas' Bagel Thins.  At the time it was the latest entry to compete with Arnold's Sandwich Thins.  This is getting to be a bit of a crowded field.  Pepperidge Farm, of course came out with a competitive product as well. For those who have not read my earlier reviews on these products I'll describe them here.  Basically, Sandwich Thins or Rounds are like a 4" in diameter, almost flatbread roll that has been sliced.  At 100 calories per roll they are 50% less fattening than your average bread slices.  So, for those of us who are virtually addicted to putting something between 2 slices of bread they are a low calorie alternative. **Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds** Like the others from Pepperidge Farms, Arnolds and Thomas', the Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds come eight to a package.  Nature's Own decided to add a zip lock of sorts to their package.  It was a nice touch.  At this point I have tried both their Healthy Multi-Grain and Whole Wheat Rounds.  I have to say that unlike the Thomas' entry, this new Nature's Own version impressed me.  It provided a substantial chew to it and a nice flavor and texture. Another thing that consumers will enjoy is that just like most of Nature's Own Breads, Sandwich Rounds are priced just a little bit lower.  These days every penny counts, right? **My Viewpoint** If this type of bread product has any appeal to you, I suggest you try Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds.  Great taste and texture for less money gets my hearty recommendation any day. Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Sandwich rounds are a great alternative to thick breads


We eat a lot of sandwiches in our house, but all the carbohydrates from the bread make me nervous since we are trying to get a handle on our health.  My Mom first introduced me to Natures Own Sandwich because they are also trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  I was a little nervous to try them because my husband can be a pretty picky eater.  He was leery when I made him a sandwich on the Sandwich Rounds, but I was so excited when he said he actually liked it!  We have started using the Sandwich Rounds on a pretty regular basis (except for the occasional PB&J or grilled cheese) and are LOVING them!  They are thin so you get to taste more of the 'filling' rather than the starchy bread.  Natures Own has no high fructose corn syrup that are in some other bread products and they have all natural ingredients.  I feel good about using the bread rounds because I know they are a healthier alternative to typical sandwich breads and even have a better taste.

Salem, IL


Tasty, hearty, nice texture, crisp top, 100 cal. Less is more!


These wheat sandwich rounds are hearty without being overfilling, very tasty with a toasty flavor, have a great texture, & are finished with a nice crisp top. They're also substantial enough to hold sandwich ingredients without falling apart (I hate when that happens :) but fit nicely in a sandwich baggie. The Nature's Own sandwich round is a winner in all categories! I also tried the Pepperidge Farm version & didn't like them nearly as well - surprising since their baked goods are normally A-1. Their version wasn't crisp on top, seemed a bit too chewy (almost as if undercooked), & was bland compared to the Nature's Own rounds. Sorry, PF!

Orange, VA


Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds

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