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Nature's Cure
Nature's Cure Acne Treatment

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works great and fast!


I have mild acne and there is never a day I do not have atleast three pimples on my face. This product really works and works overnight! The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the pills did not really do much for me. The cream however works perfectly and does not dry my face unless I used too much. I wash my face daily with dove soup and sometimes an exfoliating face wash and then at night before i go to bed i put on the cream, just a film of it all over my face. Sometimes if have a huge pimple or feel a pimple forming i placed a little blob on the area. The next day the pimple has shrunken significantly or completely diminishes. I have had trouble with acne my whole life and tried everything, over the counter, prescriptions, home remedies etc. nothing has worked but when i tried nature's cure it worked and worked fast! I saw results within a day and within a week my face was clear. I still get pimples from time to time but compared to other products this has worked well.


Belle Mead, NJ


Nature's Cure is all you need for acne


My son was having some breakout of acne on his face and back. He had been to the doctor and was prescribed some topical medication. He used it just as he was instructed but it didn't work for the long haul. So one day I was talking to a friend of mine about the problem and she suggested Nature's Cure. She said that Nature's Cure is all natural, you don't have to have a prescription and it works. She had bought some for her son, and his problem was a little worse than what my son was dealing with. We went to Wal mart and bought a package of Nature's Cure for 9.98, how nice was the price. The package consisted of all natural pills to take, one in the am and one in the pm. Also in the package was all natural cream to apply to the breakouts. My son started the pills and the cream the same day and within a month all was clear. That was seven years ago and he is still clear. We tell everyone we can about Nature's Cure.


Ellenboro, NC


Nature's Cure works from the inside out!


If there is a magic pill this is it. I will start off by saying I was like most of you, tried this, tired  that,spent money on tubes and more tubes, I even tried proactive, most worked on the surface but the acne kept coming back.I tried everything, intil natures cure. One night at the drug store i decided to give natures cure a chance. Even though it looked to me to be nothing more then a cheap gimmick I bought with high hopes. Well, it was the best 10 doallrs ive ever spent,,,it really does work from the inside out. My acne cleared up with in a week. This is the type of item I would recomend to people with problem acne (not a pimple on occasion).




Makes no difference! Not that great...


I tried this because my sister said it worked for her. She recommended that I just take the pills, and not use the topical because we are both affected badly by benzol peroxide, the main ingredient in the topical (it usually makes my acne worsen, and causes small bumps along my nose... I have very sensitive skin). So I took the pills consistently for a month, but I didn't notice a difference at all. I think it's because it was too gentle for my aggressive acne. Also, I don't believe sulfur works for me (the pills' main ingredient is sulfur.) Sulfur has caused random scarring for me. So this product was a bust, and I'd need to go back to the dermatologist for help. For those who have seen a dermatologist for acne -- do not get this product. You'd be better off taking antibiotics than these pills! But for those who don't see the dermatologist, feel free to try this! I wish you luck with your new acne product.


Naperville, IL


love it


This is the only product that really works for me. I have tried a lot of things, especially creams and scrubs and everything dried my face out too much. I like all of their products they have to offer. I have the body spray, acne cream and the acne pills...all work wonderfully!! I used to have to use it two times a day, morning and night, but now most if not all of my acne is gone! I use this now for those monthly weird pimples that come from no where. Nature's Cure dries it up fast when I leave it on over night, so bye bye zit! The body mist is ok, only bad thing is that it makes your skin somewhat sticky after you spray it on and it dries. Other then that, I think this product is great and is very affordable for anyone, especially the teenager! I wish this product came out when I was a teenager. I would not have to be wasting so much time and money trying to find something that works like this does!


Sykesville, MD


What....?! You don't think it's made a difference?


I honestly didn't see any difference at all when I used this product. I don't think the pills make my face any clearer at all. The cream is the same used by all companies that dry your zits out and therefore make your face dry and itchy, not to mention uncomfortable. You can take the 30 day supply of pills but they're filled with mostly homeopathic therapies (which dont' get me wrong, i support) they just didn't help me in this case.


Boise, ID


If you want to rid your face of acme, this is the cure!


15 years old, and I have really bad acme. I wasn't the one that actually found this product, my older brother did. He had awful acme from about the age of 14-16, but then he found this product and decided to try it. Let me tell you right now! I'm SOOOOOOO glad he did!!!! It cleared up his face wonderfully! So now, I'm using it and it's doing the same for me. I live by this stuff! I really like the fact that it comes in a Men & Womens formula. It comes with 30 days worth of pills and a drying cream to put on your face. It works wonders for my face and it will do the same for yours! You HAVE to try this stuff! I've placed my bet, now you place yours!


Blackstone, VA


Nature's Cure Acne Treatment

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