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Nature's Cure
Nature's Cure 2 Step Acne Treatment for Women

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not completely happy with results


I was recently recomended this by a friend of mine. she had said after 2-3 weeks her daughter seen great results. I understand that everyone's skin is different, and that my results could be different as well. So I decided to purchase this. the price was very reasonable, and came well recomemded. After 3 weeks the only thing i noticed was my skin was drying out. (which they said could be a side effect) so i reduced the amount of topical ointment to help "zap blemish spots" to only once a day. I had been applying it 2 to 3 times a day. i still continued to take the pills both in the morning and night as directed. i seen more results from just the topical ointment than from the pills. i was still getting blemishes. roughly the same amount of blemishes prior to trying this product. would i recomend this, probably not. my skin isnt that oily, so perhaps that is part of the cause of it drying it out so rapidly. I believe i am going to try other acne products and try to compare them to this one.

Westland, MI


i no longer have huge breakouts


i have to say this product saved my self esteem and brought my confidence back because before i had huge breakouts on my right cheek area and i was soo embarrassed that i always had to cover it with my hair, i was afraid to tie my hair back. i didnt know exactly why all of a sudden i started breaking out alot at one side, i would try to use acne fash washes and it didnt seem to work so i did research online and found good reviews about this product so i decided to try it. i thought since using acne ointments didnt help me then i should probably try pills and when i finished using 2 months supply of this, doing what it had directed by taking 1 pill plus using their cream from morning and night; i saw my breakouts were going away little by little. so afterwards i noticed the change, i ordered 2 more months supply of this and i can say my right cheek breakouts cleared up and i had my confidents back thanks to this product.

Los Angeles, CA


Nature's Cure 2 Step Acne Treatment didn't work for me.


I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts and because it is difficult to find products that will prevent, reduce or eliminate breakouts while not causing skin irritation or face rashes is difficult. I wanted to try Nature's Cure 2 Step Acne Treatment as the idea of using Homeopathy to treat the breakouts from the inside out was compelling since if my breakout issue could be resolved then I would only have to deal with sensitive skin issues. It would have been nice to give a glowing review of how Nature's Cure 2 Step Acne Treatment banished the breakouts but unfortunately, it didn't work out that way (more's the pity). I gave the product the benefit of doubt and used it as instructed with one tab in the am, another for the pm and dotted the vanishing cream on spots for longer than the 2 to 4 weeks they said it would take to see clearer skin. I used it for 3 months to be absolutely sure that it did not work (and I so badly wanted it to work!). Alas, I cannot recommend it. I also used up the tubes of cream the tablets came with, the 5% Benzoyl Peroxide stung a bit but the aloe vera and allantoin balanced it out.

Yakima, WA


Nature's Cure is the only product that has cured my adult acne.


I have adult acne, and I absolutely hate it.  I tried all kinds of products, expensive ones from the spa - Skinceuticals, etc. - and just about every cheap "cure" I could find in all the drug stores.  It was such a relief when I tried this product and it actually worked.  I am 32 years old, and I have had acne ever since I was a teenager.  This product has really cleared up my skin.  You have to be consistent about taking the pill first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Also, I only use the lotion on my face at night.  I have sensitive skin, and if I use it more than once a day it drys my skin out.  You have to be careful with the lotion, because it can dis-color your pillow case and bedding.  I have switched to a white pillow case and sheets so I don't ruin any more bedding.  Also, you have to be careful with the towels you use as well.  You want to make sure you have white washclothes and one or two white towels (or ones that you don't mind the color getting messed up).  All in all, if you are consistent you will see results with this product.  I highly recommend it.   

Wichita, KS


Nature's Cure brought my skin back to it's natural beauty.


After a friend gave me a sample of Nature's Cure for Women, I stopped researching the best acne-fighting spot medications and started stocking up on the small supplement pills and spot medications Nature's Cure offered.  The product was inexpensive and worked for my skin, clearing up problem spots in three days or less.  The pills helped balance my skin and prevent future breakouts.  The natural ingredients in the spot treatment didn't feel like I was rubbing chemicals on my skin like the stronger, more well-known acne-fighting treatments.  I now recommend this to other friends and I've even gotten family members raving about Nature's Cure.  My face has been clearer for years, thanks to the product, but I still continue using the spot treatment when hormonal imbalances cause my skin to break out.  It does the trick!  Only one negative affect of the treatment:  if it is left on the skin overnight, the product will eventually cause bleaching effects on the bedsheets and pillow cases.

Mary Esther, FL


Nature' Cure is not the best product to get rid of acne.


Natures' Cure really did'nt help my acne. It requires you to take two pills every day for a month, one in the morning and one in the afternoon or night, to stop acne from the inside, along with this cream, to stop acne from the outside. I followed all the directions, but I still have really bad acne. I am a female, so of course I took the pill system for the girls, but of course, they also have them for the men, or boys. I know that everyone is different in some way, but this is what I think of the Nature's Cure Acne System. I won't try it again.

Wakefield, MI


Nature's Cure 2 Step Acne Treatment for Women

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