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Valerian Root
Nature's Bounty
Nature's Bounty Valerian Root 450 mg plus Calming Blend Capsules

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Good sleep aid


I started taking Nature's Bounty Valerian Root to help with insomnia. This product has a nice calming effect. It starts to relax me about 30 minutes after I take it. The only side effect I experienced with it was it upset my stomach a little bit. I tried to take it with food and it still upset my stomach. It wasn't too bad but noticeable. It was effective as a sleep aid and I felt quite relaxed.






I myself have been an insomniac for a long time now. Valerian root seems to really help me fall asleep at night and it doesn't leave you feeling like you have a hangover in the morning. I wake up feeling rested and with energy and not like groggy like those over the counter medications make you feel after taking the night before. This is a great alternative to drugs out there and its very safe with no side effects at all. The only problem I have with it is that it smells awful! I would not be able to tolerate it if it was in liquid but the smell is very strong. I just take them about thirty minutes before bed and pass out and have a very restful sleep at night.


Warren, OH


Has reduced my need for a prescription headache remedy


Nature's Bounty Valarian root with or without Passion Flower has always been a great stress reliever and helped me get a decent nights sleep.  But recently I discovered that it helps with tension headaches, When I get a tension headache that I can't knock, I end up with a migraine headache.  4 months ago, out of desperation I tried taking the Nature's Bounty Valerian root for a tension headache and in 30 minutesit was gone.  I did not get a migraine.  And I started taking Valerian root each time I get a Tension headache and I have not needed my migraine prescription in any of these last 4 months. What a great savings.  And one less prescription I have to take.   Nature's Bounty Valerian Root is easy to find. I get mine at Wal-Mart.   As a sleep aid I use Nature's Bounty Valerian Root with Calming Blend (Basically  Passion Flower) and it helps me relax so I can sleep better.  Check the Nature's Bounty Website you may find a great bulk buying deal.


Carrollton, TX


They work, but maybe too well!


After taking these I feel insanely drowsy. I definetely would have trouble driving or staying awake after taking these. I think they are even more powerful to the drosyness you feel when you take benedryll or something! The good thing about these is that they don't loose their effectiveness like benedryll does over time. They just keep on working and working. But on the good side, if you are at home and sure you don't need to make a last minute trip out to the grocery store or another errand they are perfect. I take them only when i am SURE i will be going to bed. Then they are quite soothing and relaxing. I just let sleep envelope me and wake up more refreshed than ever. I think it's because it puts me into a really deep sleep or gives me more REM sleep. I'm not sure what they do but I have never had so much energy and enthusiasm when waking up before. I just hope they are safe to take long term. I assume so though!  Very good valarian. I do like the tea also though!


Tallahassee, FL


Valerian Root, the all natural relaxer


I discovered Valerian root when looking for something to help an elderly lady I took care of. She had had a stroke and had started having uncontrolable jerks or spasms in her legs. It happened every afternoon and she was at the point of dreading that time of day for that reason. Most prescription medications had too many side effects for her so I found Valarian root which is a natural herb. It really did the trick! She got to the point that she took it before the spasms started and they never did.  It worked so well for her that my husband and I started taking them for those sleepless nights. It works and without a hangover in the A.M.   Only one problem. They really "stink". The elderly lady called them her Stinky Pills. How did I discover them? I was watching an old episode of DR. Quinn Medicine Woman and the indian, "Cloud Dancing" was teaching Dorothy about herbs and he told her about Valerian Root.


Rocky Mount, NC


I love Nature's Bounty Valrian Root


***I use this product to relax before bed or if I am tense and want to lie down; it is very soothing and natural.  It really relaxes you so you can sleep.  I believe in it!!  I LOVE this product.  I has helped me immensely for the past ten years. I have a chronic illness, systemic lupus so I need rest and sometimes I am in so much pain, I just cannot rest, but with this valarian root, I will CALM and R-E-S-T!!!  The best Valarian!***


Trenton, MI


Stinky, Natural Valerian Root Helps Me Sleep


I suppose everyone has a sleepless night or two, no matter how tired he is.  I am no exception.  Worries pop into my mind; I have to get up early, so I have to get to bed early; etc.  I do not like the idea of taking a sedative, and I don't tolerate medicine well anyway.  The last thing I want to happen when I need a good night's sleep is to wake up feeling groggy from medication, even if it is just an over-the-counter strength.  My husband discovered Valerian Root, an herbal sleep aid several years ago.  We read about it and satisfied ourselves that it is safe, so we decided to try it.  Now, my husband can swallow any kind of horse pill, vitamin, etc.  I, on the otherhand, am a little more discriminating in my pill-taking ability.  If something is not slick enough or small enough, I just cannot get it down.  Fortunately, the Nature's Bounty Valerian Root capsules are a standard sized capsule, and like most capsules, they are slick.  The problem I had was when I first opened the bottle, a stench arose akin to the smell of canned green peas, concentrated and quadrupled.  Icky poo.  After a few tries, I have been able to ignore the smell and swallow the Valerian Root.  The herb does not "knock me out" like a Benadryl does, for example.  But it does lull me into a gentle sleep after about 10-15 minutes.  I do not feel groggy in the morning and I don't have a drugged feeling when I awake.  If I am awoken during the Valerian Root induced sleep, I must take another capsule to get back to sleep.  I am happy with this natural sleep aid, all things considered.


Jenks, OK


Nature's Bounty Valerian Root 450 mg plus Calming Blend Capsules

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