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Nature's Bounty
Nature's Bounty Microlozenge B-12 500mcg

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Quickly Dissolving


I have to take certain supplements and vitamins daily due to Gastric Bypass surgery.  B-12 is one of them.   I need to take them in either chewable, sublingual or liquid forms.  Vitamin B-12 can be difficult to find in some of these forms in a 500 mcg strength.  But I found the Nature's Bounty B-12 Sublingual Dots 500mcg at the super market.  They dissolve quickly.  I have other brands of sublingual dots that do not dissolve very quickly and when trying to keep them under the tongue, you want them to dissolve fast and be effective.  So far, my B-12 blood levels have been good, so I know that this product is being absorbed effectively.

Oxford, PA


Nature's Bounty Microlozenge B-12 500mcg

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