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Nature's Best
Nature's Best Newport II Queen Adjustable Bed

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Great for someone with limited mobility.


I am confined to a wheelchair.  I need a bed that I can adjust so I am neither lying flat or sitting straight up.  The bed I have allows me to adjust the head and the feet to the desired position.  It also offers the choice of massage.  I can have the intensity controlled on the hand set.  This has been a positive in my life cutting back on the need for muscle relaxers and strong pain relievers.

Saint Clair, MI


One of the best gifts I was ever given by a great friend.


I received this bed as a goft from a friend. I had been in the hospital with a blood clot and a broken leg it 2 places. She decided to give this bed to me as a gift of friendship and a God send from her. I needed to keep my leg elevated because of my health problems. The bed has the pillowtop on the matteress and it just feels like laying in a feather bed. eing able to make the legs or my head elevaed hs been very helpful. I have had been having to be in the bed most of the time since the middle of April. So, I have really een spoiled by this bed.  I would recomend this bed, even if I didn't have my health problems and needed it. It was not too expensive, but it is well worth the price and more.  

Meridian, MS


Nature's Best Newport II Queen Adjustable Bed

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