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Nature's Best
Nature's Best L-Lysine

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This is the greatest to combat cold sores


I have suffered with cold sores or what is horribly called "herpes" since I was 13 years old. Back in the old days, the doctors would try all sorts or horrid remedies to get rid of my cold sores from scraping them and sitting me under a heat lamp to suck out the virus to all sorts of topical creams. About 25 years ago, someone told me to try L Lysine. The trick to taking it is that once you feel that itch and tingle and if you have ever had a cold sore you know exactly what I mean, you have to take a couple of pills. If you don't catch it before it pops out, the L Lysine will still keep the cold sore from being as big as it would without the L Lysine. The amino acid in the pill helps to dry out the cold sore. I have tried so many different remedies but L Lysine will always be in my medicine cabinet. Try it next time you have a cold sore, take a couple of pills the first day and keep taking them until either the cold sore never appears, or the cold sore starts to dry up.

Wichita Falls, TX


Nature's Best L-Lysine

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