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Nature Made
Nature Made ginkgo biloba

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nature made's ginkgo is the best on the market


We've tried several differnt brands of ginkgo is search for quality, easy use and good price. Have to admit it is hard to find a good supplement with all these requirements. Ginkgo biloba aids in maintaining mental alertness and we found that this brand has the best pill for it. Remembering seems to be much easier with this supplement. Nature's Made Ginkgo doesn't have ay aritificial flavors, no preservatives, no yeast, no starch, no gelatin. The small, easy to swallow tablet is packed with 120 mg of ginkgo extract. It is very convenient that you only need to take one dose per day. One more thing - if you need to improve blood curculation to the extremeties, ginkgo helps with this too. My husband takes this supplement both for alertness and for the good blood flow. He used to suffer from cold and numb  hands and feet even in summer time, but not any more. he really likes taking this supplement.  


Indianapolis, IN


Nature Made ginkgo biloba

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