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Nature Made
Nature Made Vitamin D Adult Gummies

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One Great Vitamin!


Nature Made is truly a terrific company that offers several versions of vitamins to meet your nutritional needs in a way that is best suited for you. You no longer need to swallow tasteless vitamins as there are many new options available. One newer type of vitamin is the gummy versions that have been around for a few years now. The Vitamin D flavor taste great, almost like candy. My family loves these and I feel that they are receiving the nutrition that they need, especially during the winter months. My only warning for these is that you should make sure that they are not sticking together before you purchase the bottle. A few of these were sticking together for me and I found myself having to reach into the bottle and pull them apart. This may have been a problem with them being transported to the stores and not the fault of Nature Made as other bottles have been fine. This really is a great product for both children and adults.



so much better than a pill


I have been diagnosed with osteopenia, which is a precursor to osteoporosis, so my doctor told me that I needed to take calcium pills and vitamin D. The vitamin D allows faster absorption for the calcium. I really don't like taking pills, especially the bigger ones like vitamins and calcium pills. These adult gummies are absolutely wonderful. Nature Made is more of a generic brand, which means a better value. I get a bottle of 150 gummies..you need to take 2 a day. there are 3 flavors, strawberry, peach and mango, and they taste really good and they are so easy to pop in your mouth in the morning and get your supplement. They have all natural flavors, no synthetic dyes, no preservatives, no yeast and gluten free. I definitely recommend these and I will be looking for nature made gummies to replace the other pill dietary supplements that I now take. Besides providing better absorption for calcium, vitamin D3 supports bone, muscle, and immune health., too

Westbrook, MN


Nature Made Vitamin D Adult Gummies

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