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Nature Made
Nature Made Vitamin D 400 I.u Tablets

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Extremely effective


I started taking the Nature Made Vitamin D 400 I.u - 90 Tablets (Nature Made) after my doctor did blood work and told me that my Vitamin D levels were extremely low. I have Crohn's Disease, and due to my condition I often have low levels in my blood work. Once I started taking the Nature Made Vitamin D 400 I.u - 90 Tablets (Nature Made), I noticed fairly quickly that my energy levels were increasing. I was able to do more during the day, and I did not get as tired as quickly. After three months of being on the Nature Made Vitamin D 400 I.u - 90 Tablets (Nature Made), my doctor did more lab work and we found that my vitamin D levels were now a bit too high! This tells me that the Nature Made Vitamin D 400 I.u - 90 Tablets (Nature Made) are extremely effective in increasing the Vitamin D in your body. After that, I cut back and only needed to take them every other day. The pills are very small, making them easy to swallow. They do not have any bad taste.



Help prevent flu and other winter maladies


My family always takes vitamin d supplements when it's winter time. Diseases and illnesses thrive in our bodies when we spend less time outside absorbing natural vitamin D so we make sure to supplement with vitamin d during the winter since we spend less time outside. Taking this product has helped us avoid severe illnesses so far each winter. It's not to say that we still don't get colds or other things, but we feel like it lessens the duration of such illnesses enough to where we make sure we stay on top of taking these vitamin supplements. We also usually eat healthy, so these are just a supplement to a decently healthy diet already. They are not going to prevent illnesses totally, but it never hurts to do anything you can to help to ward off winter illnesses. For people who don't like to go outside even in the summer, I'm sure these would be beneficial all year round.

Richardson, TX


Great way to supplement Vit D


I am petite so I really need to monitor my Vitamin D and calcium levels because I am susceptible to osteoporosis. I take this Vitamin D supplement because I need it to absorb calcium better. It is a great way to make sure my bones stay healthy and strong as I age. This is a great product. It's a convenient way to make sure you are getting your daily Vitamin D by just taking a pill as a part of your daily routine. I have bought the Nature Made brand of Vitamins for years and have always been satisfied with their quality. One of the major pros of this brand is their price and availability. Most major retailers / pharmacies carry this brand of vitamins and supplements. There are no artificial flavors in this product which is another great feature of this vitamin. I prefer the 400 I.U. level of Vitamin D because I think it's all the body can absorb in one day. Any more and it's a waste.

Matthews, NC


Nature Made Vitamin D 400 I.u Tablets

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