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Nature Made
Nature Made Time Release B-12 Vitamins

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Great for Morning Sickness


My midwife recommended that I take B-12 daily during a very nauseous first and second trimester of my second pregnancy. I took one a day and they really did help with my nausea and vomiting. I can't say that it completely went away but it did subdue it a little. The pills were easy to swallow and tasteless. I think vitamin B is also supposed to help you have more energy throughout the day. I did not experience this benefit, though maybe under normal circumstances I would have. Your baby is basically made up of cells which are constantly multiplying and dividing during those stages and forming a little human, so I can understand why I didn't feel any more energetic. I have used this brand for other vitamins too, such as Prenatal multi-vitamins and CoQ10. This brand always has coupons and is one of the greatest values at most super stores and pharmacies. I'm not sure the difference in quality between vitamins, but they have always worked well for me.

Onalaska, WI


Taking Nature Made Time Release B-12 when Doc said to; helps!


Began taking these specifically because the doctor said I must start taking B-12. My fellow takes it in shots, and I did NOT want to do that. These seem to be helping my energy level, and my last bloodwork showed some improvement. I've only been taking them a few months, so don't know what the long-term results will be. So far, however, so good.

Daytona Beach, FL


nature made- great


Nature Made is a very good product.  After starting to use it. My energy level has gone up.  My stress level has gone down. I would recomend this to any one who wants a boost in energy and less stress in their lives. I think it's resonably priced as well and it never hurts to work towards a better less stress life now. and sometimes this company has buy one get one free too.  So go out there and be healthy people and have more energy and less stress in your everyday lives.  So I highly recomend this product a+

Shawnee, OK




Nature made B -12 has really helped me. I had huge pains in my knee and my doctor said to try taking b-12 for a week, to see if it would help. and it has. Nature made's are easy to swallow, and i love their wellness rewards, and that their website helps you figure out what vitamins you should be taking. Overall B-12 is a great product.

West Islip, NY


Helps with the energy level and great for my vegetarian diet.


**Since switching to a vegetarian diet I found that I needed alternate sources for some things and B-12 (time release) is very helpful with the energy level.  I use several Nature Made products and all have served me well.  B-12 also helps speed metabilism to help in weight loss.**

Chicago, IL


Nature Made Time Release B-12 Vitamins

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