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Nature Made
Nature Made Sleep Natural Sleep Aid

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Somewhat effective...


I have a hard time reviewing this product because it does in fact help me sleep, but not in the best way I'd like. There's been maybe one or two nights on this product where I've had a full night's restful sleep without interruption, waking up refreshed. Otherwise, I can take this sleep aid and still toss and turn all night, and wake up with a bit of a drug hangover - which seems to be my most common reaction to it. The weird part is, despite the tossing and turning and drug hangover, I do otherwise feel replenished (like I did get deep sleep). I'll probably continue to use it for sleep needs until I run out of pills in the box, but I'm not entirely sure I'd purchase another box of it if only for the aforementioned reasons (I really HATE drug hangovers and dislike that my tossing and turning/alertness continues throughout the night despite the drowsiness induced by the medication). Despite this, I'd say it's definitely worth giving a shot, considering every body reacts differently and the ingredients in the medication are excellent for relaxation... and as I mentioned before, drowsiness.




The best sleep I've had in years


I was having trouble sleeping and with an early bird of a toddler, sleeping in isn't an option to make up for the lack of sleep. I have issues with traditional sleep aids and reguarly take Nature Made vitamins, so I decided to give their natural sleep aid a try. I've found that if I take one a couple hours before I'm ready for bed, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I got my mom to try some and for the first time in I don't even know how long, she's sleeping great...even sleeping through my dad's snores! I like that, even though NM Sleep helps me fall asleep and stay asleep great, it doesn't put me into such a deep sleep that I don't wake up when my son cries in the middle of the night. I also don't feel groggy in the morning. I wake up feeling great and refreshed since I'm getting more sleep at night. It also helped with the recent end of daylight savings time change...wish they had a toddler safe version to help my son adjust! Immediacy It usually takes a couple hours before it fully kicks in such that I'm ready to fall asleep. Not a problem, just something I have to remember. Side Effects I haven't noticed any side effects and I've been taking them for several months.


Palm Bay, FL


The Best Sleep Aid I Have Ever Tried!!


For as long as I can rememebr I have had trouble sleeping at night. I am a night owl by birth and just seem to wake up later at night. But life doesn't allow that for the most part. I need to get going in the morning like the rest of the world. I have tried all kinds of sleep aids, from herbal and natural to lots of other over the counte meds. The only one I have even tried that works for me has been Nature Made! Mu husband found it one day and picked it up thinking it was worth the try. And boy was it. It helped me get to sleep quickly, didn't make me feel weird and heled me sleep the whole night. But the absolute best part was the next day I never felt like I was in a fog. Every single other sleep aid I have tried has made me feel like I was walking around in a fog all day. Not a pleasant thing for sure and it doesn't help with trying to really get things done during the day. But Nature made Sleep didn't do that! I absolutely love this product!! Good sleep, and no foggieness.


Michigan City, IN


Nature Made Sleep Natural Sleep Aid

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