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Nature Made
Nature Made SAM-e Complete

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I won't live without my SamE


This has become my wonder-supplement. I have tried many other supplements that promise to help improve your mood. None of them work as well as SamE. Being a perimenopausal woman, I had difficulty falling asleep until I descoved this product. I feel better every day and I sleep like a baby.



This improves my teen daughter's mood so much we can stand her!


Our daughter is 14 and is experiencing the ups and downs of hormones and puberty and she was driving us mad!  The Sam-e supplement is wonderful for helping to minimize her mood swings.  She was turning our home, and my mother's home, upside down so we wanted to find something to help.  We were not comfortable with any of the prescription options and neither was our PCP so she suggested some over the counter options.  We tried a few other supplements and they all seemed to help very little.  The Sam-e made a noticable difference within a few weeks!  We are soooooo glad to have our loving daughter back (and no longer feel the need to pull our own hair out!)  Thank you so much Nature Made.  You have saved our sanity!

Sugar City, CO


Tired of being irritatated? Find tranquility w SAM-e Complete


I woke up in a terrible mood. Maybe it is that I just turned forty 140-some days ago, or I have two small children who seem to march to their own drummer, or these blasted allergies that have my head congested my sinus' not knowing whether to run or stuff themselves, or maybe...just maybe it's just who I am I've been using the supplement SAM E COMPLETE about four months now. The package contains 36 tablets of 400 mg supplements. It instructs  to take one tablet on an empty stomach preferably 30-minutes before eating. I have no allergies to food or medicine (just whatever is currently in the air outside!). I take no medication. I take no other herbal/health supplement. I did not consult my health care professional prior to taking this supplement. After my sixth day taking the supplement SAM-e, the box says: "Now you can replenish your SAM-e levels by taking Nature Made SAM-e Complete. SAM-e has been proven to restore a healthy mood in as little as 7-14 days when taken daily." At the moment, I feel no different. I'm still irritable. There is, however, hope...tomorrow is day 7...perhaps I'll wake up to rainbows and unicorns and join the Seven Dwarfs on their trek to work singing "Hi-ho". I could use that right about now. The directions also state that if benefits aren't achieved within two weeks, you may require a higher level of supplementation." I can increase, gradually, my daily intake up to 1,600mg (4 tablets). Hmm...could be my witchy mood just isn't willing to leave without a kicking a screaming fest. Another function of SAM-e, aside from promoting healthy emotions, is to promote joint health. Here is where I do notice a difference. I am not having to take my Naproxen daily. In fact, I haven't had to take it at all the past six days. Typically I take Naproxen twice in a typical week. So, we ARE making progress. After my first box of Sam-e Complete was finished, I thought it hadn't worked. I didn't go out and buy another box. Boy, was that a mistake. A week without Sam-e and folks around me were commenting on my irritation. Asking,"What's wrong with you?" I bought a box of SAM-e, started at the same dose I had left off with and within 4 days I felt a difference. SAM-e is all natural and works with your body. I am a believer that this product truly does take the edge off irritability, allow you to enjoy life on a new level.

Salt Lake City, UT


Nature Made SAM-e Complete

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