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Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamin 250 Ct Value Size (Nature Made)

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Love these Nature Made Prenatals!


When I was pregnant with my son, like all pregnant women, I took my prenatal pills religiously. At first I tried out the cheap store brands thinking that they were just the same as all the higher end brands out there. I was wrong! All of the cheaper versions totally made me sick to my stomach and that is the last thing you want when you are already feeling badly because of a pregnancy. I switched over to these pills and coincidentally they had a buy one get one free deal that I just could not pass up. I tried them out and got no more nausea due to prenatal vitamins! I love these vitamins and plan to take them when I am pregnant again. They were a smaller sized pill (unlike some of them out there that are huge and ridiculous to swallow). I also did not notice any after taste like I had with some of the other brands I had tried. The only thing that I would change about these vitamins is their lack of DHA. When I bought these, I did not notice that fact and had to buy a DHA supplement. Now I will buy the Nature Made brand vitamins with the DHA already included.


Stanton, CA


I love my Nature Made Prenatal Vitamin!


I love my Nature Made prenatal vitamins! These vitamins are a comprehensive supplement for your growing baby and hard working mama body. When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant, the first thing we did was head to the store to purchase a prenatal vitamin. Not only was I overwhelmed by the prices, but I was overwhelmed with not knowing what was best. With Nature Made's prenatal vitamin, you don't have to worry. This vitamin is affordable and a great source for all your supplement needs while growing that new little person inside of you. I had a great experience taking these vitamins for my entire pregnancy and enjoyed the peace of mind that I was giving my child the best possible start by adding in these essentials to my daily diet. I never experienced any difficulties with them. I could even take them with little to no food and I never experienced any unpleasant stomach aches or pains. Remember to take them with only water or juice but NEVER MILK. Milk coats your stomach and makes your body unable to absorb all those great nutrients!


Portland, OR


I'm not pregnant and I use them lol!


Even though I am not pregnant, I have always had pretty brittle nails and not the healthiest of hair. I tried using multi-vitamins and I still use them today but they have really had no noticeable change for my nails and hair. I knew from being pregnant in the past that prenatal vitamins are amazing when it comes to strenghtening the hair and nails. At the store I saw the Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamins and decided to buy them. I know that Nature Made is a very reputable company so I was at ease when purchasing these vitamins. I have been taking Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamins for a few months now and I have noticeable differences in both my hair and nails! My nails have grown a lot and they are much stronger then they ever have been. I can paint them now and not worry about them breaking days later. The best part about Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamins is that they are inexpensive and you get so many in one bottle! The pills aren't huge horse pills to my relief. I will continue to take Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamins because they are doing my body well!


Taneytown, MD


Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins are great


These vitamins have worked very well for me (I took them before conceiving, 9 months of pregnancy, and now for 6 months of breastfeeding). They are digested easily so never made me nauseated. They are also priced well for a natural product.


Rochester, MN


Life saver.


This was my life saver in my first trimester. I had morning sickness so bad that I couldn't even keep down the prenatals my doctor gave me. I don't know if they were too strong for my system or what?! So I started taking Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamin and my body excepted it. It gave me everthing the prescribed ones gave me just not as harsh. I stiil take them now 5 months after my baby, because I'm nursing. Good stuff : ) 


Riverview, FL


no bad side effects, just great hair and nails!


I started taking these prenatal vitamins before I was pregnant with my first child.  I have never had any bad side effects.  They never made me nausea or drained my energy.  With my first child I also took a separate DHA vitamin.  With my current pregnancy I found that NatureMade now has prenatal vitamins with DHA included. This is very size because now I only have to swallow one large pill (only con), instead of two.  The size of the pill is large, but I guess it has to be to fit in all those vitamins. They have improved the structure of their prenatal vitamins.  A year ago when I was pregnant with my first child the vitamins were kind of chalky.  Now they have changed the vitamin to almost a gelcap texture, it's softer and slides down my throat much easier.  Since you take prenatal vitamins everyday, it's nice when you can find the larger size bottle with more pills. I also NatureMade as a company, their website is informative and I like knowing that I am providing the best start for my children.


Saint Peters, MO


Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamin 250 Ct Value Size (Nature Made)

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