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Nature Made
Nature Made Daily Diabetes Health Pack

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NatureMade's Daily Diabetes Health Pack--health, simplified!


As a diabetic, I'm always looking for ways to improve my glucose readings. I'm not 100% great on the food control, I'll admit it...and I'm also not a big lover of vegetables or fruit (although I know I should be!), so taking a multi-vitamin is something I've always done--you know, to play catch-up on the vitamins and minerals my diet isn't naturally providing. I was thrilled when I discovered NatureMade's Daily Diabetes Health Pack. Instead of having to have six separate bottles, I take one prepackaged group of six pills (including a multi-vitamin plus Lutein for eye health, something we diabetics need to keep an "eye" on). Talk about a no-brainer! Each box contains 30 packets, and each morning after breakfast, I rip open the little bag, swallow the pills, and I'm good to go. It makes me feel like I'm taking a little bit better care of myself. The price can be a little high, but NatureMade frequently publishes coupons, and you can get more by signing up at their website. Also, if you register your vitamins (there's a little number on the box)--at the website--you get points which can be used for something else later (coupons, I think; I've just started registering mine, so not sure). Another tip--most of the drugstores (and some grocery stores) offer "buy one get one" sales frequently, so the price drops, basically, in half, and this is when I stock up. I've been using these for about three years now, and I can't imagine switching. They're super convenient, and everything I need is in one place, so why would I want to change that?

Lafayette, CA


Nature Made Daily Diabetes Health Pack

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