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Naturally Fresh
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On

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Naturally Fresh deodorant keeps me fresh!


I only use all natural deodorants because they don't contain aluminum (which has been shown to cause breast cancer). You can only find all natural deodorants, not anti-perspirants (which block your pores). I'm bothered by the negative reviews for this product because people say that this didn't stop them from sweating...well, it's not intended to - thus the name *deodorant*. What I like about **Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On **is the fact it's paraben-free, not tested on animals and contains all natural ingredients. I also like that the roll-on dries quickly. I hate having wet, sticky underarms while waiting for my deodorant to dry, and this does dry fast. It's clear, so it doesn't leave any black marks on your clothing. I have used another Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On, but in a [Papaya Fusion][1] scent, which was really nice. This particular deodorant is fragrance-free and I think I like having a scent better, but I'm sure this is perfect for those with sensitive skin. This deodorant keeps me fresh for the whole day. There are those hot, summer days where I might need a little more, but for the most part, it works just fine. If you've tried a natural deodorant and gave up on them because that one didn't work, don't quit. Natural deodorants work with your body's chemistry, so you might have to try a couple before you find the one for you. **Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On **is a great choice and I would recommend it. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Naturally-Fresh-Deodorant-Crystal-Roll-On-Papaya-Fusion-review-89140


Camp Lejeune, NC


Naturally Fresh is the best natural deodorant I've found.


Okay, so when you're shopping for deodorants and NOT antiperspirants, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to avoid the aluminum chlorohydrate and other unnatural ingredients in the mainstream brands...especially since you're rubbing it onto your armpit (a major area for the lymphatic system) right after you've shaved, dumping the toxins almost directly into the bloodstream. So, you go search for a natural alternative. Bottom line, you're not going to find anything that keeps you from sweating. Your body is designed to sweat. It's normal and healthy, if not always convenient. That said, if you want a natural product that will keep you fresh, that's easy to use (as opposed to the solid crystals), and that's inexpensive, this is the product for you!


Nashville, TN


Naturally Fresh works well.


I love natural deoderants, but it is often difficult to find one that works well for an active person. I have found that the crystals work well, but sometimes it can be awkward to have to wet it, apply it, dry it, and store it. Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystal Roll-On solves this problem by providing the same protection in a roll-on rather than a crystal. The ingredients in this product are simple and natural and effective in combating odor naturally. It is amazing that something so simple can work so well without scents or chemicals. I have found that this product is also often much less expensive than other natural deoderants sitting beside it on the shelf. I really appreciate that since it took me a while to find one that worked. This product is also long lasting. I use several "rolls" while I am applying, and the bottle still takes a while to empty. I think that this deoderant provides protection at a great cost and all naturally.


West Palm Beach, FL


This stuff really works


Many deodorants contain harmful chemicals such as aluminum chlorihydrate. Not this one. This one is made from natural products. It is actually made from salt crystals. And this stuff really works. Many times natural products simply do not work or do not work good enough. Not this one. This deodorant actually keeps the smell down. It is probably different for different people, but I have found that this works better than other natural products. It is not very expensive at all and it lasts almost as long as regular types of deodorant. One thing I would recommend is that it be made to last longer since the price is about the same as regular deodorants. Also, if you are planning on having a very sweaty day and are concerned about smell you may want to use regular deodorants as this does not seem to do well for very heavy sweating. Otherwise I do recommend it to avoid using chemicals close to your skin.


Sedalia, MO


Naturally Fresh is a Great Deodorant!


I really like Naturally Fresh Deodorant. I purchased an unscented one and found it worked just fine for me. The application was easy and it lasted almost as long as my aluminum-based deodorants. There is no scent, at least for the version that I purchased and I really liked that. Many times I buy unscented products that claim to be unscented and they still have some type of odor. Not the case with this roll-on. Also I liked that it's much more readily available at my local drugstore and supermarket. Sometimes it's difficult to find more natural products and with this one I don't have to worry about reordering it online.  I would say that the only problem I found with this deodorant was that it doesn't control sweating and it may not last all day if you live in a very hot/humid climate like I do.  This product is also reasonably priced compared to it's competitors. Overall it's a very good product but may not be right for you depending on where you live or how much you sweat. 


Naples, FL


Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystal Roll-On works fairly well


My husband and I started using natural deoderants about three months ago. We have heard about the potentially harmful affects of anti-perspirants which contain chemicals that could harm our bodies for a while but had never taken the plunge to switch. We decided it was time to try something that is more safe for our bodies and we purchased several differnt types to experiment with. The Naturally Fresh Roll-on deoderant was one fo the first deoderants we tried. I have to say that this deoderant is not our favorite. We much prefer the Crystal Body Deoderant Roll-On or the Tom's of Main Crystal Confidence Roll-On to this one. We do like that this is aluminum free and safe for our bodies but we found that we had to apply it more often than some of the other brands. This roll-on deoderant, like other natural roll-ons, needs to be put on clean skin in order to work properly. Also, this deoderant definitely works better when you let it dry before getting dressed.  


Knoxville, TN


Works okay, but not great.


I am allergic to anti-perspirant so, I need a deodorant only item.  I have tried a few in the past.  A friend's mother had suggested Natrually Fresh Deodorant Crystal.  I tried the rock crystal (there is a review on that) and then switched to this product.  I found that for a couple of hours after I put the product on, it would work great.  But before too long, I would begin to sweat and the product would lose it's effectiveness.  I don't want something I need to reapply throughout the day.  While there were no white marks left behind, like traditional deodorant/anti-perspirants, my underarms were almost always wet.  I am also often concerned that when I raise my arms, someone will smell a not-so-fresh smell.  Unfortunately, this product just doesn't hold up to it's claims. 


Salem, MA


Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On

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