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Natural Nutrition Natural Menstrual Magic Advanced 15 Gcap Natural Miracles

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All Natural Fast Acting Relief for All Your Menstrual Symptoms


As I am growing older I am getting more and more into products which are natural and good for me. I no longer want to use products which are chemical laden and have a mile long list of ingredients; many of these ingredients are things I don't want to put in my body. If you have menstrual cramps or other menstrual symptoms you have got to take Menstrual Magic! I was thrilled when I looked at the ingredients and saw a short, simple list of ingredients I can pronounce which are all natural - they're the same herbs I use in my cooking! I know you have to be careful though with essential oils because many are toxic, so I went to the manufacturer's website and saw that they had independent laboratory studies and all kinds of testing behind this product. They say the ingredients and formulas have been tested thoroughly and that they even test the formula multiple times during the manufacturing process. With everything I have been researching over the past decade this product looked really good to me. I purchased it and had to wait for my next menstrual cycle, and at the first sign of my menstrual symptoms I took two softgels with food. OMG, make sure you take it with a meal! The directions tell you to take it with a meal and I can vouch that you really need to have food on your stomach, because the second dose I took I only ate a couple of crackers and holy cow did I burp! This product has worked quickly for me and it has been a complete godsend! Plus I feel really good that it is an all natural product for my menstrual symptoms.



Natural Nutrition Natural Menstrual Magic Advanced 15 Gcap Natural Miracles

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