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Natural Form  Sleep System, WCW SAT Mattress

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Worst warranty ever


Had the mattress for 8 years and the air tubes went bad. Called for warranty and they said I had to pay shipping as it is not covered. Well got suckered in for the shipping. Replaced the parts as they deemed necessary and guess what they also went bad so when I called again they said too bad not covered and the replacement tubes would be 240 plus dollars. They also specified the parts come with no warranty to work as the warranty only applies to the original purchase date. The customer service rep stated she was going to tell the CEO about the call but when asked to speak with him she denied that quickly also she refused to supply the CEO's name and said it was none of my business to know that.. Great company to deal with. The bed was good for the first 8 years but after that it became a problem and causes more pain than it is worth. Stay away from this company at all cost This is a buyer beware company and would love to know how many would think about a class action suite to start.




I would buy again plus it is a mattress that can be repaired


Wanted a mattress that can be adjusted in between firm and soft along with atop that can be cleaned


charlottesville va


Best sleep Ive ever had.


This is a great mattress for people with aliments, such as back-pain, or people that are just looking for a comfy nights sleep. The only issue is getting out of bed. It is a little pricey but for me it was worth it.




All of a Sudden after 6 years, Bad Performance


I have been pleased with my king mattress for the last several years until the last few months, I get out of bed and see a crater from where I have slept. My wife's side is performing as it should. I follow the steps to inspect as prescribed by Natural Form Sleep and they don't seem to apply to my problems, as the chamber refill and hold air when I am not on the mattress. It is only after laying on it does the mattress fail considerably. Customer service has not been any more helpful. I am sorry about something I thought was GREAT has no better than marginal. Comfort Has it worn out after 6 years? Support I once had support. Firmness I once had firmness. Durability the air chambers or valve or whatever are faulty.




No way to get comfortable


The exterior of the mattress appears to be of good quality materials...I have no way of knowing the quality inside. However I rate this mattress very low because I have found no way to really get comfortable. The "controls" require a wait time of several minutes with you off the mattress to alter the firmness, but in no settings did I find it comfortable. I have a conventional air mattress that can actually be adjusted to be more comfortable. Comfort It is so uncomfortable that I cannot get a goods night rest (sleep) on it no matter what setting I try. Support The mattress can be adjusted to give good support in the shoulder area and your rear end, but the rest of my body seems to sag if I set the mattress to it's most comfortable (a relative word) settings. Firmness Can be made very firm if that is what you want. Probably the firmest mattress I ever slept on, but then so is the floor firm... Durability Materials appear to be very durable




Sleeps two, but NOT one?!


After two years with my Natural Form Queen size bed, the center of the mattress is a deep channel.  I have gone through the Technical tests on the bed, and there is nothing wrong with it.  However, one of the Customer Service reps told me that because the bed has air supports on each side (one for each sleeper), that sleeping in the middle of the bed is going to be a problem.  I need to sleep on one side or another to have support.  This would be fine if 1 - I am didn't move in my sleep, and 2 - if the channel in the middle didn't suck me in.   After talking with Sales (easy to reach) several times, and Customer Service (very hard to reach), I feel like I have invested about as much as I can into this.  I am still "waiting" for a Customer Service call back from several weeks ago.  I bought a new bed, one with standard springs, and am going to chalk this up as a lesson learned. 


Cincinnati, OH


Natural Form Sleep System, WCW SAT Mattress

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