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Natural Balance
Natural Balance Small Bites Ultra Premium Dog Food (5 lbs.)

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Small Bites Deliver Big Smiles!


I have been buying Natural Balance Ultra for years for all my dogs and cats with great results. I recently adopted a 5-pound Chihuahua and noticed she sure was working hard to chew her kibble. Poor little thing! Luckily I knew Natural Balance made a small breed bites version of Ultra so I bought a bag and now she's having a much happier experience with her food! Natural Balance thinks of everything - and I'm certainly glad they remembered the little mouths out there! Quality of Ingredients Natural, Holistic, Wonderful



Never Have to Change


I bought a female Maltese about 4 months ago from one of my friend. She started to own dog a while back , then turned into a professional breeder. She suggested me to buy Natural Balance Premium Dog Food. First I thought that it was necessary because the dog got used to eat this food and I should continued until the dog may be introduced to a new type or brand of food. One of the main reason was this food is quite pricey. I also own another small dog, and when I bring the new one in with new food. My other dog started to eat new food and I could see the changes from my first dog that its hair started to be more shiny and also getting stronger. That means less cleaning dog hair around the house and furniture. Another good thing about this food is the formula is for puppy to adult. That means saving time to have to think or look for new type of food when my dog grown older and of course my other dog who is older can have this food without have to worry about nutrients. Overall, it keeps your dog healthy and it makes your life a bit easier which is worth it.

Kissimmee, FL


A nutritious food that our dog loves


We adopted our dog this summer and I kept feeding him his old food, but after doing research on the internet and talking to friends with dogs, I switched to Natural Balance small bites (he is a 13 pound dog).  People can eat food that isn't healthy for one meal and then make up for it during the rest of the meals that day, but a dog only has one opportunity to eat healthy since they are eating the same food for the entire day.  This food is reasonably priced, and I feel good about the fact that our dog isn't eating fillers and byproducts, but is getting good quality dog food.  He liked it right away and we had no trouble switching him from his former dog food.  Ollie's fur has gotten so soft and actually seems thicker, and I can only attribute it to the dog food.  I took him for his yearly vet check last week and the vet agreed that he is a very healthy dog, which I feel is due to the food he eats.  There are so many choices with this brand of dog food, and I feel good about feeding it to our dog. 

La Vista, NE


Natural Balance Small Bites Ultra Premium Dog Food (5 lbs.)

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