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Natural Advantage
Natural Advantage Moisturizing Cream

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Works but gave me a rash.


I used Natural Advantage for about 6 months.  While it did get rid of some of my wrinkles, it had a nasty reaction to my skin.  After about a month of use, I'd get a red rash all over my face.  If I stopped for a couple of weeks and tried again after about a month, I'd get a rash again.

Medina, OH


Jane Seymour's Advantage works for me!


I was skeptical that anything could really improve the appearance of my skin, but Jane Seymour's Advantage Products worked the first time I used them.  You can only get these products from the infomerical, but then they come regularly.  It doesn't cost as much as MaryKay products and it is far more effective.  I am really impressed.  You should try this product.   You'll be amazed too. 

Shrewsbury, MA


Natural Advantage Moisturizing Cream

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