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Natrol Acai Berry

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AcaiBerry is a cheap and new product that is good for you.


Acai berry is a cheap and easy to use product the pills are so easy to swallow and there are so many pills in each bottle that you wont have to come back to the store to get more in awhile. You see acai berry,s have been researched and are said to have lots of antioxidants and something called a high orac level which helps a person in a healthy life style. Orac level means oxygen-radical absorbance capacity that helps eliminate free radicals that are a byproduct of oxygen we breath in and is bad for your cells and damages them, what happens when you take something with a high orac is that it absorbs the free radicals preventing them from being damaged or destroyed. This will make you feel healthier and cleanse your body of free radicals and the antioxidants in it will help your immune system.


Hollywood, FL


Acai Berry keeps me going all day.


I recently purchased the weight loss diet pill that everyone had been talking about. I found AcaiBerry Diet at the drugstore . The websites I had seen the product from, had also recommended using AcaiBerry with a cleansing pill. The name of that product offhand, I can't remember. Anyway, I thought I'd give it a try. The first day I was able to work all day without even being hungry! The energy I felt was electric and I found myself happy all day. I made sure I took product with my juice in the morning, then I had my oatmeal & that was it. I never again felt hungry during the day, but, made myself stop at 6:00 p.m. & eat some soup. I had heard product works best with the cleansing pill, but I lost a pound, the first week! I only needed to lose those miserable little pounds that seem to stay on your belly & won't dissappear. Well, this was magic using the AcaiBerry. I didn't have to wait for it to arrive at my house, I picked it up @CVS. Besides losing that nagging belly fat, I found the energy I hadn't had in quite awhile. I wake up feeling refreshed & remain eager, happy & energized to do all the things I have to accomplish on my list. Thank You AcaiBerry!


Rochester, MI


Gives you more energy and keeps you from snacking.


I started using the Acai Berry a couple of months ago, and so far I have liked the results that I have seen. I take the pill in conjuction with a Colon Cleanse pill, and I have seen weight loss through the past few months. I will say though, that this pill is not a quick fix all by itself. First of all, it does take time to see results, so do not expect anything within the first few days. In addition, this pill HELPS in the aide of weight loss, but you sitll must choose a healthy eating plan, as well as a workout plan. This pill is not magic and cannot do the work on its own. By taking the Acai Berry pill I have felt more energized, which has boosted me to go to the gym everyday. I do not get nearly as hungry as I used to at all times of the day - my major downfall was definitely the constant snacking I did all day, usually out of pure boredm. But this pill makes your body more regular and really curbs your appetite during those times when you should not be eating. It is definitely an effective pill, but only in conjuction with healthy eating and exercise.


Verona, NJ


WoW,Natrol Acai Berry really works!


***I have been taking Natrol Acai Berry for only a week without using a colon cleanser and I have lost 5lbs.I am watching what I eat and also exercising(no extreme dieting or exercising.Just eatin what I know is good for me and at least 30 mins of exercise and yes I even cheated a few times on the dieting part).***


Wicomico Church, VA


Natrol Acai Berry

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