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Very bad


I have had this company for 10 years I called a week ago the lady I talked to said I had called in and changed my policy me and my wife argued with her for 30 minutes then we asked to speak to a supervisor she put us back on hold for another 20 minutes she come back on the phone and said there was no supervisor available she took our information and said a supervisor would call us back in 24 hours well its been 168 hours since we talked to her so nationwide does not take care of there customers evertime.we call its the same run around don't use them I will be changing when my policy is up.


Sunbury nc


Not a happy customer


I am not a happy customer right now. We have been a customer of this insurance company for over 2 years and there is always a problem. It took them forever to correct the model for one of our vehicles and not to mention drafting the payments on time. They informed my husband that we were past due for 2 months and it was because we changed vehicles on the policy a few times. Ridiculous!! We filed a claim on the business insurance and again it is taking more than 6 months to receive payment. I am definitely looking to change companies and cancel our automobile and business policies real soon.




Don't used them, pay little more for a quality insurance.


I was hit by someone insured by nationwide and is almost been a year seance it happened and they don't even what to pay for half of the damage done to my truck even do the the guy told them that it was it's fault. I mean this is a fraud company and if you use some other company you may pay probably the same but it will be a quality insurance. I mean if you're paying for it at least fix the other car the right way. Anyways they still going to raise the premium regardless if they pay the a decent amount to fix the other car or not.


Fort Worth tx


I would not recommend to my family or friends.


The wait time on receiving a quote was well over half a hour. Due to the state I live in I don't have an agent as there isn't one. I guess a population of 75,000 plus doesn't warrant one. I was involved in an accident and had call to use their services. I think I dealt with three different "agents." I needed the car towed to a body shop for a repair estimate. They scheduled my car to be towed & never showed up. I was finally able to get ahold of someone and learned they were towing my car to Denver, CO. Five hours away and in a different state. Then she scheduled it to be towed to Billings, MT. Again, out of state and about 8 hours away. I had already provided a list of tow companies that were local but she kept insisting Nationwide has one tow company they always use. I ended up calling American Motorcycle Association and asked them to tow it. My claims person lives in the next state over, had no idea where my city is (second largest city in the state), had no idea we were in a different time zone and sometimes days would pass before she returned my calls and some emails still have not been returned. The agent handling the accident report goes weeks before she attempts to return my call. Two months have passed without her taking a statement from me about the accident. They are done by 4:30 so good luck getting ahold of anyone. When I called to get price quotes on a car I was looking at, they told me they would save my quote for a week. I called back two days laters to clarify something and had to go through all of it again as the quote wasn't saved. I was told again my quote would be saved. I called back a couple days later to start that policy and they had lost it again. Initially the recording said my call time was less than 2 minutes. I was on hold for 45 minutes. Still waiting on check for totaled car.


Rapid City, South Dakota


Always Helpful


I have moved a couple of times since I got this insurance, & they've helped me each time. Transferring was so easy. Customer service has always been helpful. Never had any problems whatsoever.


Austin, TX




I am a United States Air Force Veteran that have been a faithful Nationwide policy holder for the past 12 years of my life. I was informed to contact Tommy Forbes Agency from a Nationwide Representative for assistance with a recent Nationwide issue that they could possibly assist with me. I took the Nationwide Representative advice and contacted Tommy Forbes Agency in regards to the issue, instead of receiving world class customer service, I was treated very disrespectfully. My Nationwide issue wasn't important to them at all. The person I spoke to on the phone, specifically told me she has more important things to take care of before 4 O'Clock comes and that she will call me back if possible. My issue was tossed to the side, like it was nothing and I remind you that's after being a faithful customer / policy holder for the past 12 years. I informed the individual that I was on the phone with that I was given instructions to call Tommy Forbes Agency in regards to the issue and she said "well I am giving you the instructions now"!! This individual behavior was out-right rude, disrespectful, profane, and insulting. This one individual has ruined my feelings towards Nationwide and has ruined Tommy Forbes Agency reputation as a whole. I feel like if this is how Tommy Forbes Agency represent their selves as a Nationwide Agency then their business should be shutdown! No one deserves to be spoken too the way I was spoken too today as a 12 year Nationwide Policy holder and as a United States Military Veteran!!!! I currently work for the Department of Navy and even my co-workers overheard this lady totally disrespecting me and the concern for my issue. They stated that they would have cursed her out but instead I decided to write this review to let everyone know of the disrespect!!! So this review is meant to inform everyone that is researching Tommy Forbes Agency or Nationwide to let them know "THAT NATIONWIDE IS DEFINITELY NOT ON YOUR SIDE" neither is Tommy Forbes Agency!!


Sumter, SC


I would suggest paying more for quality service


The worst insurance I've had to deal with. The customer service lacks, they try their best to not repair in hopes customers don't find out. 2nd accident and found things that did not get fixed on my first accident, which explains why my car was not running correctly. Found out there might be a pinch in my drive shaft, they are only giving the shop 4 days to fix it. My rental with Enterprise has expired. Thanks Kelley Knowles for NOT being on my side. I am definitely gonig back to USAA.


Pflugerville, Texas


husband has been with them for 14 years


my husband has been with this company for 14 years and they are a good company cheap insurance..... has everything we need as far as insurance goes


Belfry, KY


Stay Away from Nationwide


I recently switched over to Nationwide from Progressive, looking for a cheaper rate. After paying the first payment on my policy, I was notified that I had to provide prior proof of insurance, which I emailed to them that same day. For two months now, I have been getting emails saying that I need to provide proof of insurance from 9/8/2014 to 9/9/2014 for my vehicle, when I didn't even have a vehicle on 9/8/2014. They keep telling me that I need to provide a letter saying that I was authorized to drive a vehicle that has coverage and that will take care of the lapse. I didn't have a vehicle for two years, so why would I provide this information and also why would I pay for coverage on a vehicle that I don't have? Their saying that this one day lapse of coverage will cause my policy to be cancelled, and that they need to quote me a new policy. I refuse to pay anything over what I'm already paying, and needless to say, I will be switching insurance companies after this policy is over.


Columbus, MS


The Worst Insurance I ever had


I have been driving for over 20 years and had a clean driving record and no lapses in coverage until I started doing business with Nationwide. The lack of professionalism and sheer incompetence of the agents and customer service representatives leaves me very dissatisfied. Now I have a lapse in my coverage due to a consistent due date issue which caused problems with my bank that I had them so a automatic draft but you live and learn. Whatever other insurance leeches I have to do business with now I'll have a higher rate.




Nationwide Insurance

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