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National Home Protection

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Homeowners BEWARE!!!


Yep, **homeowners BEWARE**!!! We should have investigated this company first, it would save a lot of time and frustration. We now have found a lot of reports in the BBB and other sites, all stating **to BEWARE**!!! We got Major Systems Plan with Pool & Spa coverage for the year, a total price of $458.90 starting October 2006. We filed 2 claims last June 2007 as our microwave and our garbage disposal broke down on us. We called the claims department and they told us to call Mr. Appliance, a contractor. The contractor came last June 22 2007 and looked at our garbage disposal and microwave. Stated that it would be cheaper to be replaced than to fixed. They wrote their report and sent back to NHP. The garbage disposal was replaced on July 6th 2007 after several calls to NHP. NHP offered a cash out for the microwave but it does not even cover installation and delivery!!! Up till now, the microwave has not been replaced. We called NHP numerous times and we would be passed on a Supervisor but to their voicemail. Left messages but still no calls back. Left messages for their arbitration, still no calls back. The only contact that we had from NHP is to renew our contract!!! What a joke! Our contract has now expired and still the claim is not resolved. We filed a report on BBB and Department of Insurance. We just want our microwave to be replaced and installed, like what we are entitled to. We paid for the coverage and NHP should complete the claim.


Lemoore, CA


Biggest scam that I've ever fallen for.


This company seemed too good to be true, but when we signed up we found no negative iformation on them.  We should have looked harder.  Many complaints about them through the BBB and online now.  The say they cover your appliances and major systems (well-pump, roof, garage door, dishwasher, furnace)  Then when something breaks you call them and they tell you to find a contractor to give you an estimate (this already goes against their "terms of service" so if they don't like your claim they already have a reason to deny it.)  After our claim was denied we had paid for an entire 13 months (only because they charged us 2pymts two months in a row) we then told them we wanted to cancel and they sent an email saying we could and no cancellation fee would be charged.  The following month they put a $250 charge for cancellation on our credit card.  We are still in arbitration to try and get that money back.


Salem, WV


National Home Protection is CRIMINAL


I fell for the Home Depot scam too.  I never received my cards.  They said I didn't follow procedures but wouldn't tell me what I did wrong.  I promise you I followed them to the letter.  I contacted American Express about them and Amex sided with them using the terms of the contract as their "out".  I later called requesting service on a frig and they had canceled my contract.  No refund or explaination was given.  I since then won a $6000 judgement against them in TN.  They didn't show or pay up on the judgement.  I have since checked the internet and have read that the managers they refer you to, such as Michael Myers and Rick Sanders are fictious.  They got me for $1650 and countless hours trying to resolve the issues with them.  After you read this run do not walk away from NHP.  This company is the worst I have ever done business with.


Collierville, TN


Honest and Quality - Not National Home Protection


Frustration - I just re-newed (YES) - I used it twice on small issues last year (2007) - washing machine and something else, no big deal .  It is 2008, and I need them today which is Sunday.  On December 7, 2008, It is 32 degrees in Virginia with it supposed to be 20 degrees tonight.  We have no heat.  It's not something that can wait - it is an emergency and without service, not only are we cold, but secondary damages such as frozen pipes, etc is a real possibility.  I called 1-800-608-6045 and 1-866-425-8048.  I filed a claim and was told someone would call within 4 hours.  Noone has called.  The problem?  In an area where over 1.9 million people live, they do not have a contractor who they can call on a Sunday.  We have to wait until Monday, then NHP might be able to find a contractor to service our heating problem.  Does that sound right to you?   Well, this major systems policy is scammish.  They are not interested in service.  As a lessons learned - I do not recommend using National Home Protection. This lesson cost me over $400 - and I don't even get any credits for it.  I might try and get my credit card to dispute the bill since I did not get the coverage as specified in the Major Systems NHP insurance.  With economic times like this, this type of stuff really hurts.  


Richmond, VA


National Home Protection

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