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National Car Rental

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Horrendous Customer Service


My husband and I planned a 2 weeks trip through France and Belgium. We reserved at car to be picked up at Charles de Gaulle airport. Upon arrived they processed us at the counter. They told us to have a seat and they would call us when the car arrived at the door. 15 minutes later we went to the counter and they told us that they "couldn't locate" the car. They said they would bring another over from the main lot and it would take 10 minutes. 15 minutes we went back to the counter and they said that they couldn't locate that car or the driver, so they were sending another one. This happened three times. We waited an hour and 10 minutes. In the end they finally gave us what ever they had on the lot. I really don't understand how you can lose a car? Needless to say this put us way behind on our schedule.


Paris, France


Take your business elsewhere


It is with dismay that I must take my business elsewhere. I made a recent rental in Erie, Pennsylvania only to arrive on an American Airline flight to find no car. I had made the reservation two months earlier. When I called the "Customer Support" number I was told, "Sorry there is nothing we can do for you." When I asked to speak to a supervisor I received the same response. I rent over 40 days a year with National and you could care less that you stranded me and my wife at the airport. I walked to the Avis counter and found myself a car, and while I was there signed up for their preferred program, and will take all of my business to them. It is sad that your "customer service" is not really service at all. It would have been easy for you to arrange a car for me had you cared about the situation you placed me and my wife in. Your lack of caring, your lake of response to multiple phone calls, and your overall lack of customer service has cost you my business. I am only one person, but I suspect there are many more out there that you have shown the same lack of concern towards. In a service industry, customer service should be the focus of what you do; rather you choose to ignore customers who you have put in bad situations. It is for this reason I happily take my business elsewhere.


Erie, PA


Website Needs Major Work


For such a major company, I would expect their website to be better. It is one of the worst websites I've encountered in a long time. National, spend the money. Make your website up to par with your competitors.


Houston, TX


Thanks for starting our vacation off on the wrong foot!!


I would never recommend for anyone to rent from this company period. After flying 2000 miles I'm told our flight was,early so our car wasn't ready. The truth was our flight was late so our car should have been there. Had to wait an hour and they finally called and said the car was there. In filling out the paperwork I was told to initial that the car would not be driven on gravel roads. Hello this is Montana for gods sakes a third of their roads are gravel. Then told the car had to look exactly on the inside as it did when we took it. First off the windows were filthy on the inside we had to clean them. We travel alot and have never been told any these things. The lady at the desk acted like a drill sergeant!!!. When we returned the car and spoke about no gravel roads, that was when we were given an explanation about the rule. But because it wasn't explained when we got the car, we avoided restaurants, and other business with gravel parking lots. And was always thinking about this for 10 days of vacation. Then we called about a stone chip on the windshield, we were told it was our responsibility to get it fixed. NOT!!!! We have traveled a lot and the only 2 times we rented from National, there has been problems! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!




Look before you rent from National Car Rental


I'm a contractor that travels 100%. My contract has an account with National Car rental in St Louis Airport and Philadelphia airport. Im an Executive Elite status. Many times the cars in the Executive ailse are not clean. Founs cigs, crumbs, pictures, used tissues, etc.... They allow you to rent the car without looking at your reservation. Then charge you full prices when you reserve with a free rental or use a coupon. Ive also rented car with gas not full and didnt notice until i was out of the lot. I know it my fault for not looking but everyone expect the car should be full. Especially in an Executive member. I can go on but rent Avis. I had some issues with Avis but National experience was the worst. Good luck on your next rental.


Philadelphia Airport and St Louis Airpt


Absolute terrible service


I am an Executive Elite Member with National, have been one for 18 years, and just experienced something that I wouldn't wish on my worst friend. I purchased the prepaid fuel option, and found out later that there was only half-a-tank of gas when I rented the car. After two calls of trying to get the fuel option payment removed from my account --including a conversation with a supervisor -- I gave up. YOU WIN NATIONAL. Thanks for treating your Executive Elite Members like they don't matter!!! Isn't the very idea of opening your doors is to keep your customers happy? Especially a very loyal customer?


Plano, TX


Customer Service is lacking


I have been using National for many years now due to work requiring sole use of National. I had a National car die on me and the inconvenience of this instance is ongoing. I was told I would need to ride back with the tow truck driver to a service location to get another car....why wouldn't they send one? Luckily, the car died as I pulled into my hotel parking lot. However, I had a business dinner that evening. I was told and hour for the tow. The driver didn't come until after 3 hours later. By this time I was well into the middle of the business dinner. I was not leaving to ride with a 3rd party tow truck driver to who knows where. I told him to take the car. I was unable to get anyone from National to call me back about this incident and still have a charge for a full day+ everything else on my corporate card....$156. National has eliminated their e-mail account where you can send customer inquiries, and don't make it easy to get to an English speaking customer service rep to handle your situations. Also, generally speaking, depending on the location try and grab a car from their Emerald aisles, the pickings can be slim. I never seem to end up with the class of car I originally reserved.


Columbus, OH


Worst rental experience evah!


I recently made a car reservation online with National for a vacation in Martinique (international rental). When I arrived, I was told "no car", and "no reservation". I had a copy of the e-mail with my reservation, but they refused to look it up. I asked them to call National in the US and verify to which I was told - "They are unable to make international calls". So, I stepped outside the airport terminal to get a cell signal and called the international reservations/support number myself. They verified I had a reservation. And, get this, they can't make an international call to Martinique to talk to the office/agents there. They made a new reservation for me (2 days later), and assured me I would have a car. I arrived back at the airport 2 days later and guess what - NO CAR, NO RESERVATION in the system. Really??? I was able to speak with the local manager and he found me a car at another rental company, and drove me 1 hour to pick it up. The problem is when I returned to the airport at the end of my vacation, the National office was closed - and the other rental car company doesn't have a location at the airport. They refuse to refund my $650/euro deposit. I've been dealing with National customer service for over 6 weeks with no progress and no resolution. They have been horrendous. I do not recommend making an international reservation with National because if you have any issues they can not make an international call to help you out - you are on your own. Do not rent from them.


Fort-de-France, Martinique


LGA National Car Rental Manager Great!


I arrived at National/Alamo car rental on Thanksgiving Day and as you can imagine it was quite busy. I only waited for a few moments and then the manager Joel Lieber was able to assist me. I have never checked a car out so quickly (& I even added insurance on the spot). He had all my paperwork streamlined and even walked me out to the lot to find a car. Everything that I asked for when I made my reservations was in the notes and Jeff made sure I got everything very timely and his customer service support was excellent. Its definitely worth renting there. When I came back, the woman who helped me got me out of there just as fast and it was the best experience I've had renting a car in awhile. Thank you very much for your service, National/Alamo did it right!!!




Poor service


National car rental has lost their class. I have been an Emerald Club Executive member for many years and their service is poor. In Detroit you have to place a $500 deposit to rent a car if you live in the state. If you want to extend your rental you need to go through customer service, which puts you on hold and then you get disconnected. Also, you need to watch your free rentals because they disappear, even when not expired. You will get a lot of people that are difficult to understand and really cannot solve a simple problem.


Livonia, MI


National Car Rental

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