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Nathan Speed 2R Auto Cant Waistpack, Color

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a real life saver, comfortable, easy to wear!


I have had the nathan hydration speed 2r for about two months now and am absolutely loving it.  Before buying it I did a lot of research and narrowed my search down to the nathan hydration speed 2 (has non-racing cap bottles and the pocket is in the back) and this model, the speed 2r.  I decided the speed 2R looked a lot cooler and felt like the pocket in the front would be a lot more useful and easy to use for me.  I also liked the type of cap that came exclusively on the water bottles for this model...they are racing caps and you don't have to pull them open and closed with your teeth...just tile your head back and suck.  The pocket in the front is large enough to hold my smartphone (fits a little tight).  I would say the only drawback of the speed 2r verses some of the other nathan hydration belts is that the water bottles only hold 8 ounces each.  This is typically enough for me, but I have run out on long hot runs. Also, the elastic on the speed 2r is not as stretchy as other nathan hydration belt elastic, so make sure you get is a little bigger than normal.  A medium of the othe models fit me comfortably and I ended up needing a large in this style.  Like I said, I love this and would recommend it to anyone!!! 

Kaysville, UT


Nathan Speed 2R Auto Cant Waistpack, Color

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