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If you bike and haven't heard of this site, go there now!


Bike Nashbar (nashbar.com) is a great place to buy a wide variety of biking products and accessories at competitive prices. They sell everything from bikes, to bike racks, to bike clothes, and more. They have a great clearance section on the website that has low prices on many items. The items that are not on sale are available at competitive prices as well. Their website is organized well and easy to find just what you are looking for. The checkout process is fast and easy. All of my orders have shipped quickly and have been delivered on time or earlier than estimated. The customer service is also excellent, as they have been quick to respond to any questions I have had for them. Though I have not ever experienced a problem with an order, I would expect their customer service department to resolve any issues quickly. Next time you need something for your next ride, be sure to check out Nashbar for all your biking needs.



Excellent Bike Website


Nashbar offers a huge variety of different bike tools, equipment, clothing, and I do not even know what else. I have ordered tubes and chain rings and clothes from Nashbar and every experience has been positive. They ship everything very quickly and the prices are usually hard to beat. They do mail a catalog which sometimes over advertises some of their deals (which are usually extremely limited in sizing) which can be annoying when you get excited about certain deals, but otherwise they are a great site. I believe they are American based, which is nice because a competitor of theirs I have ordered from is not and takes a lot longer to ship. I would definitely recommend nashbar to anyone looking to find bike parts, accessories, clothing, shoes, and really anything as long as you are willing to bypass the in store experience and utilize the convenience of shopping at home.

Lake Villa, IL


Real Cutomer Service


Within 6 miles of my apartment I have 3...count 'em - 3 bike shops.  And yet, at times, **Nashbar** will have lower prices - **including the shipping!** This is where I found the [SunLite Multi-Fit Rear Bicycle Rack][1]  I'm so high on.  But, for some reason, they call it a **Sunlight **Multi-fit Rear Rack.  Slight change in spelling.  Either way - I saved money through them vs. buying one from my LBS (Local Bike Shop). There was even a slight discrepancy in the on-line price and the actual price on the invoice I received.  It was only One Dollar.  When I called them, they admitted the mistake and credited my credit card the big buck.  Need to replace the front suspension fork on your mountain bike?  No problem.  They carry the Rock Shox Suspension Mountain Bike Fork for a little over $100.00.  They carry clothing, panniers, locks, car racks, bike computers...the list is almost endless.  Fast shipping and customer service?  You couldn't ask for more.  Find them on the web @ nashbar.com.       [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/SunLite-Multi-Fit-Rear-Bicycle-Rack-review-b1c49

Saint Louis, MO



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