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Nars Lip Stain Gloss

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an Ok product


Reading about it over the internet and all the hype over kim kardashian wearing this lip gloss in turkish delight my husband purchased it for me in two colours; turkish delight and striptease. **for turkish delight**:The colour is pretty, however it looks good on a very limited number of skin colours only. It is kind of light and milky and anyone looking for a bolder shade should choose otherwise. It also ends up applying unevenly and tends to disappear very quickly. It gives a better finish when worn over a lipstick so i avoid wearing it by itself. Also it can clump on parts of your lips sometimes. Therefore even though I like the colour and alot of other people have complimented me on it, I tend not to wear it too often. **for striptease**: Its a nude type colour and is milky too. This on does not look that good on my skin tone which is medium fair. However it looks better on people with darker skin tones. I find these a bit pricey for the value and until I find a way to make them stay longer on my lips I will not purchase them.

Tampa, FL


Don't feel like Kim Kardashian!


So I was curious what type of lipstick and lip gloss Kim Kardashian wears, so I decided to google it.  My research told me that she wears MAC lipstick in the color Angel and Nars lipgloss in the color Turkish Delight.  I found this lipgloss at Sephora.  I wasn't happy about how expensive it was.  I purchased it and wasn't all that happy with it.  It does not seem to apply very evenly and it most certainly does not stay on long enough.  I also was not too thrilled about the actual color.  The color is so light that it almost looks white or clear when its applied.  Another complaint I have about this lip gloss is its much smaller than most other lip glosses I already have.  So, you get much less for the money.  It makes my lipstick have a milky look.  I do not plan on purchasing this kind of lip gloss again.  For nearly the same price, I am much more happy with Lancome lip gloss (la laque fever) 

Angier, NC


Nars Lip Stain Gloss

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