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Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss

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Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss makes every day a holiday!


***Quick View:*** I am generally not a fan of shimmer and I tend to like darker shades of gloss. However, this gloss looks great on my lips alone or over lipstick. It's somewhat sheer and shiny. It's pricey but I give it props for making me like something I never have before. ***My Take on Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss*** This gloss is a sandy pink shade with sparkle. It comes in a tube with a sponge tipped applicator. It isn't sticky and thick yet it also isn't too thin. It glides onto my lips effortlessly and makes them shiny and pouty. When I am wearing a deep eyeshadow and liner, I like my lips to be nearly nude so I don't look clownish. That's when this gloss comes in super handy. It's enough to give me some color and sparkle without going overboard on the shimmer. My lips are shiny yet not too pigmented so that my eyes can be the focus. Nars makes many shades of lip gloss and they have sheer, semi sheer, and creamy formulas. I prefer the creamy formulas usually but **Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss**, which I believe is semi-sheer, hits the spot. It lasts for quite a while on my lips and it goes with any color of clothing and any type of makeup I am wearing. This gloss is pricey, almost painfully so. But I don't use it every day so it has lasted a long time. It's easy to toss it into my purse and touch up on the go too. This shade is great if you're looking for a little sparkle, a little nude color, and a lot of shine. If you wear matte lipsticks, a little **Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss** over it and you have shiny, holiday lips. ***My Viewpoint*** This isn't my favorite shade or formula of lip gloss but it works for me for some reason. The sandy pink shade is just enough to give my lips a hint of color while the glimmer and shine play them up without making them loud or dark. When I wear deep eye shadows, **Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss **is my go to gloss because it matches everything and lets my eye makeup shine through and keeps me from looking overly made up. Good stuff, but pricey.*** 4 stars.***

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Get ready for great lips


Nars is constantly surprising me with the quality of their products! The Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss is an amazing makeup product staple.  I mean, how can any girl go wrong with a sheer, natural looking lip gloss?  Lip gloss makes your lips look plumper, shiny, and kissable.  Perfect to use with lipstick, but also totally great by itself.  Although it is a bit pricey, the Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss is very natural looking.  I hate lip glosses that are too goopy or look super shiny and cheap.  This lip gloss looks classy and natural.  If you want to impress someone, I can imagine doing your makeup with dark, standing out eyes and then nice, naturally colored lips.  If you want your lips to look super delicious, try he Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss.  It's definitely worth the splurge.  I am thinking of getting this as a gift for my friend, and I think that she will love it.  Ladies, if you're looking for a natural lip gloss, look no further!!

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Nars Greek Holiday Lip Gloss

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