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Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder

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Looking for a ball winder? This is it!


I was fortunate enough to finally get a Heavy Duty Ball Winder from Nancy's after being on the mailing list for a few months. I have not been disappointed. I was searching for a ball winder but was put off by the plastic looking ones. Also, I wanted one that had a large capacity. This winder will last for a long time. Crafted from wood, it even looks more aesthetically pleasing than the plastic ones. It will also allow you to make your own multi-strand, center pull balls. I have wound two strands together for an easy to use ball of yarn. This winder also makes it easy to make your own mystery balls. Instead of having small scraps of yarn around that you will use in an afghan or throw, why not wind them on your own ball winder.  The ball winder is adjustable and you can move the feed arm to different positions and it is quiet too.  I never had a ball winder before and I wanted to make sure that I had a quality one. If you have the chance to treat yourself to a great ball winder, buy this one, you will not be disappointed. I haven't been. 

Chicago, IL


Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder

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