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Naked Red Machine

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Great flavor


I am a huge fan of naked. When I am hungry when I leave the gym I go right across the street and buy one of these bad boys. I love the taste. The flavor makes you want to go home and try to make it. Well nobody makes a great combination of fruits and vegetables like this company. I can't wait to see what they have in the near future.



Yummy! Loaded with vitamins!


I really, really love Naked Juice products! But this one, Red Machine is my all time favorite. It is a juice smoothie, 100% juice, no sugar added and so delicious! Each smoothie contains: 13 rasberries, 11 strawberries, 3 cranberries, 1.5 apples, 1/4 pomagrante, 1/3 orange, 1/2 bananna and 7 red grapes. The Boost inside every bottle: 8g flax seed, 4384mg omega-3, 2mg vitamin B6, 780mg vitamin C, and 5g fiber. The taste is wonderful, and the texture was just right. I was afraid it would be too thick, but it wasn't. I drank this container (15.2 fl oz) slowly just so I could savor it. And as an added plus, the bottles are recycled and 100% recyclable. Great for your body, and great for the earth! How can you beat that?

Waskom, TX


Naked Red Machine

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