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Naked Naturals
Naked Naturals Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo

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Not a great Shampoo


I love natural beauty products. I love them almost as much as I love saving money. So when I saw this natural shampoo at our local discount store I was really excited to try it. I have used shea butter for years on my skin with wonderful results. I also know that avocados have so many wonderful fats in them that I figured they would be great for my hair. Well...I was very disappointed. Like I said, I like to save money, so once I bought this shampoo I planned on using it up, but I couldn't! It is actually sitting in my bathroom closet right now, half used up. It really did not clean well and I felt like it left my hair greasy. I have very long hair and I need good hair products otherwise I have tangles and knots. This shampoo didn't do me any favors. There was nothing stand out about the product and I would caution you to pass if you are considering a first time purchase. The smell is probably the only thing going for it. The claim on the front says "makes hair stronger" but I did not find that. And after only one day my hair looked like it need to be shampooed again (I usually go 1-2 days before I need to re-shampoo). In my opinion it is not worth the money.



Great for natural hear


I am a woman of African descent. I have natural hair and try to only use natural/organic products. My goal is always to stay away from products with too many chemicals. Finding a shampoo that does not leave my hair feeling like steel wool is very challenging. This shampoo does the job every time. It leaves me hair feeling soft and detangled. My hair also feels moisturized. I'm assuming its because of the shea moisture and avocado. Most importantly, it does not leave any build-up on my scalp. The product is a bit more expensive than other regular shampoos, but I think its worth every penny. Plus, a little goes a long way. My hair is shoulder length but very thick but I still don't need much to create a rich lather. I wash my hair once a week but I think its gentle enough for daily use. I can't wait to try the conditioners as well. Overall, I recommend this to everyone with natural hair. In fact, I recommend any Jason product :)

College Station, TX


great for color treated hair, leaves hair fresh and shiny


Naked Naturals Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo is a favorite of mine. I first heard about this shampoo on a beauty site. I was looking for a shampoo that would be safe for color-treated hair, and there were a lot of recommendations for this product. I was able to find it at my local chain drug stores, but sadly that has changed, and if I want to continue using this I will have to order it online. I have very fine hair that is color treated. Naked Naturals Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo has a nice scent. It does not "suds" a lot, and that took a bit of getting used to. After using this, however, my hair felt very fresh, had good shine, and good texture. It didn't dry out my ends, and my color was fine. This became my shampoo of choice, and I was very disappointed when I was no longer able to find it on the shelves of my local chain drug stores. I hope the popularity of this shampoo will make it readily available again. It is sulfate free, which is a big plus.

Simi Valley, CA


Naked Naturals Shea Butter & Avocado Smoothing Shampoo

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