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Naked Mighty Mango 100% Fruit Juice Smoothie

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I love mangoes.


In my youth, I lived in Honduras for a couple of years and feel head over heels in love with mangoes. Finding a proper mango in the US is very problematic, and I've found that juices most closely approximate what it's like to eat a fresh mango. Naked Mighty Mango is a delicious smoothie that combines apple and orange juices with banana and mango purees. The result is a very tasty, sweet treat. The mango cuts through and is accentuated by the other juices, so the mango content seems higher than it is in actuality. Big recommend.



Nummy, nummy Mighty Mango


**Naked** is not another reference to some bare part of your body, although you might want to show it off more after drinking **Naked Mighty Mango**.  **Naked** makes a yummy drink that hits the consumers who like a tasty hardy drink (not something dull and lifeless) along with reaching the health crowd. **Naked Mighty Mango** boasts of 1 1/4 mangoes, 1/3 banana, 1 orange, 1 3/4 apples, and a hint of lemon in each bottle!  "They" talk about drinking your calories?  Talk about drinking your daily amount of fruits!  I would be cautious of all the natural sugar though.  Just because it's fruit doesn't mean there's not sugar in it.  However, there is no added sugar in **Naked Mighty Mango** and no preservatives.  I just love that **Naked Mighty Mango** is not weighed down with a way too sweet taste, and that it has all these great fruits in it.  **Naked Mighty Mango** is a great treat to have once in a while and not feel guilty.

Downieville, CA


Naked Mighty Mango 100% Fruit Juice Smoothie

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