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Naked Berry Blast

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Yummy and satisfying


Naked Berry Blast combines apple juice with puree of banana, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. The resulting product is sweet (but not too sweet) and smooth. Though it has a smoothie texture and uses fruit puree, there is little fiber in this product (no seeds for example). As with all juice products, you would get greater nutrition and feel fuller by eating the actual fruit, but, in our busy lives, it's nice to have a quick, convenient product like Naked Berry Blast.




All I can say is WOW


Naked berry blast is amazing. It tastes great and is thick like a smoothie. It is jam packed full with so many different fruits and berries that it makes you feel great. I was actually told about naked from a friend because I had a terrible cold and was in bed for a few days . She recommended naked and I drank one bottle and I felt better within 30 minutes. I couldn't believe that this one bottle of naked made me feel better over all of the other medications I had tried. Any time I feel like I'm coming on with a cold i immediately run to the store and grab some naked. It is delicious and it truly makes you feel better. I love most of the different flavors that naked has to offer.




Naked Berry Blast is the yummest breakfast drink I'v ever had!


Naked Berry Blast is a well rounded, balanced morning or afternoon drink. You can grab it on the go and drink it just about anywhere and you can feel good drinking it because, you know it's good for you.  The convience of this berry bliss only adds to the meny things that are great about this drink. It's yummy , it's good for you and my kids give it two thmbs up .            Naked Berry Blast. Grab one today!


Carpinteria, CA


A extremely delicious smoothie!


I just recently heard about Naked Juices. I decided to give them a try, as my husband and I are trying to eat/drink healthier. I was interested in these products because they are made with 100% juice and tell you on the bottles exactly what fruits are in them. There are no hidden additives or ingredients here...hence the name of the juice "Naked." After trying several different flavors of the drinks, we were so pleased! We love the smoothiness of these smoothies! :) They are so full of flavor and almost creamy. My husband is not a big juice drinker, but after having these...he loves them! All of the flavors are delicious, but this one reviewed here is a favorite. I love berries anyways and this smoothie juice just hits the spot. I would definitely recommend that others try these drinks...they will surely please!


Knoxville, TN


Naked Berry Blast

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