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Nair Moisturizing Bikini Cream Hair Remover

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Works 1/2 the time.


When trying Nair for the first time I could not get it to work. I found that this product works best after soaking in water for about ten minutes. Then it is best to dry off and then apply a super thick layer of the product. I also found that I needed to go slightly over the ten minutes of leaving the product on before washing it off. After washing the product all off I still found that it did not remove all that I wanted. I also discovered that you need to wash it of your body gently, any rubbing or scrubbing resulted in weird bumps and rashes.  Overall, I think the longer a person soaks their body before applying the more likely the product is going to have a great effect. The product also smells somewhat descent so you do not feel like you are smothering your body all with a large amount of harmful chemicals. Also, another plus is that it has soothing green tea incorporated in it which helps the smell.

Ann Arbor, MI


more convienient than waxing


This is a great product for someone who is tired of waxing or shaving. You have to be careful to avoid sunburnt or recently waxed skin, but with care this cream will work great. Leave it on all 10 minutes and might have to use two days in a row to get full results, but you'll love the result!

Winona, MN


I got burned - literally!


**OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!**Let that word be a warning to you.   I came home from having a bikini wax and discovered a small area that was "missed."  Deciding it was easier to tackle a tiny area myself, rather than make another spa appointment, I headed out to the drug store.   I assumed modern technology would make a little hair removal simple in the year 2008.   The box says "Do not use on irritated, sunburned, infmaled, or broken skin."  But my waxing was without incident.  So I dabbed a little on, and...........WOW, the FIRE was INSTANT.  I almost started crying.  I couldn't get a washcloth wet fast enough.   Just an awful burning.  I threw the box and the product in the trash and still hurt, a couple of hours later.   So if you're still going to try this product, I suggest you don't do it after shaving, waxing, suntanning, sex, or anything that might have ANY implications for your skin.  I got burned, and you might, too. **The Bottom Line:**  ***Libby's Leery***.

Sanibel, FL


Nair Moisturizing Bikini Cream Hair Remover

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