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Nair Hair Remover Lotion - Cucumber Melon

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When I bought the Nair Hair Remover Lotion-cucumber Melon, I was disappointed after using it for the first time. I tested out a small portion on my legs, and was shocked by the outcome. My sensitive and dry legs was irritated by this hair remover lotion and turned all red and itchy!



Still gross smelling and just isn't worth your time.


Overall I absolutely hate shaving and would do about anything to avoid it. I have been trying all different types of no shave gels and creams for hair removal. Mostly they work okay, (definitely not perfect) and they all have a gross smell that really lingers in your house and on your body. When I saw this Nair scented product I was really hoping that would be different. Unfortunately this product still smells pretty funky and the cucumber melon scent just kind of masks the gross Nair scent. Ultimately I would not buy this product again and am just going to stick to shaving. I would rather shave then smell gross. Effectiveness Nair cucumber melon does an okay job at removing your hair. If you hate shaving like I do this product would seem like a good option until you smell it. This Nair product still smells funky and is just really not worth the stink. I would not recommend. Scent This Nair product may have a slightly better smell then others but that really is not saying much. It still smells funky.



Nair Hair Remover Lotion may be the solution


 * *I think I learned that what's in Nair is also what's in permanent wave mix. The perm changes the shape of the hair but if left on too long it probably leave the aspiring beauty with a few bald spots. Nairs secret formula involves using the chemical concoction to* intentionally* remove hair as needed. (disclaimer:this may be just a good story concocted by know-it-all older sisters) :) I chose to use this when I was sharing a bathroom with many. I was uncomfortable with the logistic of shaving there and Nair worked for me. It makes my hair grow back slower and the hair is finer. I choose to shave my armpits sometimes to avoid an unsightly shadow when I swim and there is some stubble after.  Never with Nair. It does have a profound odor. Everyone will know you are de-fuzzing. I do fake nails and so smelly=necessary is something I accept. Of course the best option is the pricier salon services for hair removal, but Nair is a dirt cheap alternative when your budget is mean to you or when you need to be knee-hair-free-ASAP. I would do a skin test 24 hours before. Do not overuse. I have to leave it on the entire suggested time (I use a timepiece) and test a small portion to see that the hair of interest is indeed ready to begin life anew apart from my legs :)

Williston, VT


Please don't try this product!


  Hi guys, everyone knows that shaving sucks and disposable razors are bad for the environment, but you will go running back to razors if you waste your money and buy this nair cucumber melon hair removal cream. The most disappointing thing about Nair products is that none of them do what they claim to, remove unwanted hair in a few minutes. Not only does it not do this in a few minutes, it never does this. This is a cream you rub onto your legs. It is not recommended for other places you get unwanted hair, like armpits or breasts, because these areas are too sensitive. No matter because it would not work on those areas anyways because it doesn't even work on the legs. It doesn't work on stubble or the longer, softer type of hair either, the only thing it does is waste your money and leave your legs smelling like they were sprayed by a frightened skunk. And the smell doesn't go away after you wash it off. avoid this product and all Nair products at all costs. It will actually save you money and time.

Pittsburgh, PA


Nair body hair remover is stinky!


Whe i tried the nair body hair remover in the cucumber melon scent i didnt expect it to smell as horrible as it did. Att first when i put the bottle in my hand it felt realy cheap and plasticky. I though it was fine and that it might smell good while i use it but boy was i wrong. The second i leaked some of the creme out into my skin all i could smell was some rotten smell. I think the cause of this was the ingredients in the nair. It smelled like strong chemicals and i was wary to put it on my skin but because its a well known brand like nair, i continued. Once i had it on my skin it stung. It said to leave it on for a certain amount of time so i did but it stung the whole time. And when i wqashed it off it still smelled bad and stung and surprizingly, my skin was all red and kept stinging. Now it looked like i had shaved my legs real hard with a razor and hot a nick in every hair pore on my legs! There were little red bumps everywhere. I would not recomend to a friend. I even used it a few weeks afterwards when my skin was better, and i put some on my leg again for way les than the time and it still burned. Plus it takes off only a portion of the hair! Its horrible dont buy it!

Puyallup, WA


Nair Hair Remover Lotion - Cucumber Melon

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