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Nailtiques Nail Protein - Formula 2

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The ONLY thing that really cures flaky broken nails- buy it!


My nails used to break off all the time and I had to cut them very short.  They fractured and peeled at the edges, I couldn't even use them to open tight jar lids or anything that would put pressure on my nails.  It was awful.  Then a pharmacist recommended this product.  It is similar to nail polish, but it is a little different in composition.  If you paint your nails with it about once a week, the new nail will grow out strong.  Now I can grow long nails, sometimes people even ask if they are fake because they are so long and good-looking.  Also it CURES nails: I don't even need to use this anymore.  Sometimes I do though because it gives such a nice shine.  Well worth buying if you have weak nails. 

Waco, TX


Strengthens nails like nothing else out there.


I was reluctant to purchase this product at first because I was taken aback by the price.  It seemed a little high for nail polish, but when I read the label on the package I began to understand that this was not a typical nail polish at all.  It actually is a consentrated protein for your nails that nourshes them and physically makes them stronger.  This product does not just coat the nail for added strength like other formulas that claim to strengthen the nail.  The protein absorbs into the nail and feeds the nail with nutrients and protein.  You are told to only apply this product once per day as that is all it takes, then each day you can feel your nails getting stronger, less dry and brittle and much less soft than the day before.  It not only feeds the protein into the nail but it conditions them as well.  I was recommend this product to anyone with week nails or to ex-nail bitters who are trying to restore health & beauty to their nails.

Clarksville, IN


Nailtiques Nail Protein - Formula 2

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