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Nail Magic
Nail Magic Nail Stregthener and Conditioner

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product that repairs nails with sereve damage


I had a severely damaged nail and I went to nail salons and doctors. No one knew how to help me fix it but nail magic has. I use it all the time and my nail is brand new. People comment on my nails all the time and want to know how I keep my nails so nice and thick. I recommend nail magic and have also given it as gifts to friends and family for gifts for birthdays and holidays. People can't understand why my nails are so firm and thick. Nail Magic also acts like and adhesive so nail polish doesn't chip or crack. I only have to polish my nails about every two and then only because I want to change my nail color. This is the secret nail salons don't want their customer to find out about because you can do your nails at home. I haven't had to have a manicure in a salon in twenty years. The money I saved on manicures alone I was able to go one two wonderful vacations with my family all because of Nail Magic. Do yourself a favor and buy this product and follow the directions you'll be surprised.




Won't be without it!


I've been using this product for years.  Though I'm lucky to have great nails, I always had problems with polish staying fresh looking.  Before using Nail Magic, I used "Hard as Nails" as a base coat and top coat and though it took a while to dry, it worked well.  I literally do my nails and go to bed now.  The Nail Magic used as a base and top coat made the polish dry very quickly and it hardened the polish, thereby, helping to protect my nails from breaking.  I recommend it to everyone!  I even take it to the salon when getting a manicure and pedicure and have them use my product for the base and top coats.  I generally apply another light coat every 2nd or 3rd day to give my nails that "fresh wet" shine.  It keeps my manicure and pedicure fresh twice as long.


Laurel, MD


Nail Magic Nail Stregthener and Conditioner

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