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Nail Strengthener
Nail-Aid Grow Tougher

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Nail-Aid gave me stronger nails in one week-- all natural, too!


As someone who swims 20,000 yards a week and gardens, you can imagine that my nails take a beating.  All the chlorine weakens them and they tend to grow very slowly.  They were the least appealing part of my appearance for a while. My mother especially would sigh and roll her eyes whenever I visited.I used to use Sally Hansen's tough as nails but the smell really got to me. I found Nail-Aid online (www.nailaidcares.com) and bought their Grow Tougher and their broken nail repair since you get free shipping if you buy two products. They arrived within a day and a half and I used the grow tougher that same day. I immediately noticed that it didn't smell harsh and it seemed to smooth out my nails.  I followed the instructions and by the end of a week my nails were stronger-- you couldn't bend them at the tips as easily as before-- and they also appeared to be growing longer.  I've been using Grow Tougher for three months now and people have made comments about how much nicer my nails look (even my mom).  I'd recommend this product to anyone just for its effectiveness. Nut if you are interested in buying eco-friendly products, you will definitely want to try Nail-Aid since they say on their website that they don't use harmful chemicals, don't use anything that's been tested on animals, and support the Breast Cancer Fund.  They seem like they're really ethical, they make a great product, and their service is great, too.  Give 'em a try.

Chicago, IL


Nail-Aid Grow Tougher

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