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NYX Powder Blush

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For the price, a nice blush


I got the NYX powder blush in Powder Rose (#PB17), a color that NYX describes as a "matte-burgundy pink". Looking at its picture, I would have expected this blush to be way too bold and striking for me - I'm a natural flush, simple, no-makeup makeup kind of girl. But I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and tested it out; it's not nearly as bold or overbearing as I was expecting it to be, based on the picture and the way it looks in the container. The color gives me a nice, simple, natural flush with a quick sweep of my brush over my cheekbones. I'm far from a makeup expert, so the fact that the application of this product is easy and gives simple, natural results without making me look like a clown is pretty important to me. I never look overdone or clownish in this blush. And for the price, it's pretty hard to beat - great quality at drugstore prices is really my kind of product!


Berkeley, CA


Super versatile!


These blushes are very pigmented and show up great on your cheeks. They have good dupes (like the Pinched color is pretty close to NARS Orgasm although the NYX one is more of a golden shimmery tone to it). They are very blendable. The Peach color is very natural and beautiful. My favorite however is the Taupe color. This is a great budget contouring powder. Def lives up to the hype. It goes on so sheer and looks so natural, the shadow you create won't look fake at all. (esp since I'm pretty fair so applying most bronzers as contour looks very obvious--too orange for me!). This one is less pigmented than the red colors which works great but def apply carefully and don't do it all at once. The color looks like a natural shadow so you end up looking really odd if you apply heavily . SO this is perfect for light skin tones. It is very matte too (natural!). I find that for fair skin types, a greyish undertone in powder works best for contouring. I've heard that others can use this as a crease shadow too--have never tried.




NYX Powder Blush: nice even pigment, great for fair skin tones!


NYX was having a generous half off sale, and I'd been meaning to try their foundation anyway, so I went ahead and slipped in a blush while I was placing my order. I was pleasantly surprised! I have an extremely fair, porcelain skin tone that few blushes ever work for. Most cosmetics companies conveniently forget that my skin color exists at all. There is not a blush in MAC's lineup that I can wear and look good in. I believe the shade I ordered is #3 - Natural. It gives a nice, subtle, and nearly natural blush look. It is PERFECT for my coloring, but would probably work for some darker skin colors as well. The pigmentation is sheer, but slightly buildable (and can also be layered with other blushes for a bolder look). It goes on evenly (I prefer to use a half-moon kabuki brush) and lasts nicely. Well worth the purchase price - a bargain steal for sure! I hope to order more shades of this brand. My main complaint lies not with the product so much as with NYX's availability - as there are so few retail outlets carrying the brand, it is difficult to sample and know the true shade before purchasing online.


Everett, WA


NYX Powder Blush

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