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NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder - Bronze Gold #717

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Calling all Fair-Skinned Beauties


How many bronzers have I purchased that have ended up trashed or given away to my darker skinned friends??? Too darn many! Even ones I have tried on at department stores look "different" when I get home or God forbid, in the sunlight! A few months ago I picked up NYC Sun 2 Sun in Bronze Gold at Target. Bronze powder on one side, Gold powder on the other and the stuff was dirt cheap! what did I have to lose??? Nothing! It's awesome! Goes on very light but with a big fluffy brush (not included) you can build and/or blend both colors for a very nice *glow. *Nothing orangy or fake about it. I'm using if winter and summer and feel like my skin looks warm, in a very subtle,natural way. I Love it. What a great bargain.  

Coastal, NC


N.Y.C. Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder - Bronze Gold


First off, I would like to say that N.Y.C. is one of the best make-up brands in my personal opinion and expirence. I don't know why it doesn't get more publicity & this bronzer is one of my absolute favorites. GREAT for naturally tan/dark skinned women. I love how the bronzer just shimmers off the cheekbones. Great for a blush alternative and/or highlighting tool for under the eyes, jaw & forehead. I also love how smooth the bronzer goes onto the skin and how It appears to stay on for long periods of time. I also love how it seems to stay in place! As a BIG bronzer wearer, I too have become a victim of applying bronzer & an hour later it has just spreaded all over my face  and onto my clothing! That's not very attractive at all! But with NYC bronzers, the powder has always seemed to stay right in place. I use NYC as a blush alternative, and I like to sprinkle a bit on my jaw & forehead for a little bit of highlight. Works great for ALL skin types, but I recomend a lighter shade of N.Y.C. bronzer for lighter skinned women. This shade of Bronzer might over power your complexion. Overall, GREAT product!

Leland, MS


NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder - Bronze Gold #717

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