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NYC New York Color Waterproof Mascara

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An ok product


This product is not a fantastic product, but it is great for its' price. I have bought it twice. The first time I purchased it was because I am in college and was not working, so I was trying to save my parents money by purchasing a mascara that was not expensive. The second time I bought it was because I had just started my job so I did not have a lot of money, both times it was about 2.99. I am usually a big fan of NYC makeup which is what lead me to buy it,, however, the mascara gets clumpy very easily, and unless you are very careful it will smear and end up underneath your eyes leaving a bunch of dots. Another bad factor is with most mascara once it is on you don't feel it, but with this mascara it does not let you forget that it is there. Performance It definitely serves its purpose as far as needing a mascara goes. Ease of Application Like most mascaras, it goes on very easy, but it also likes to come off on your face.



Do not buy NYC mascara!


It's cheap but in the long run it will cost you so much more and you won't get the satisfaction. Performance There's so many things I could say. I had the the applicator. It does apply the name up well. It always comes out in clumps. Also, something else I noticed, is that it is very easy to dry this stuff up. You have to return the applicator to the bottle every few minutes or it will dry out. I also have bad luck with these bottles and thy also break and its just one mess not worth it. Yes, it's relatively cheap but I could save money buying a more expensive but longer lasting mascara than this. I've probably went trough 4 in a matter of 5 weeks. It doesn't really give me desired long and full eyelashes. It's just Kirk painting my eyelashes with a little extra length. Ease of Application Besides the fact that I always tend to poke myself in the eye with the applicator and my eyes water ruining the rest of my make up, it's pretty easy to put on.



NYC waterproof mascara


* I used Maybelline Dial-A-Lash mascara for more than 20 years and was quite satisfied with the product.  When it was time to buy a new tube, to my dismay, I was not able to find it anywhere.  I purchased 6 tubes from a catalog of no longer available products but when those ran out, I called the manufacturer and was told that Dial-A-Lash was no longer available.  I was given the name of the product that was being sold as its replacement. I bought it but was not happy with the results.  After trying many others (both expensive and not so expensive), I tried the NYC waterproof brand.  I LOVE IT!  The ease of being able to purchase it at big box or drugstores is a plus.  The price is very affordable and the results are what I wanted.  Although I use one color, others are available.  There is no smudging, and the product is completely waterproof. I have showered and swam while wearing it without getting the smearing that happens with other "waterproof" products.  It is a good buy.   *

Picayune, MS


NYC New York Color Waterproof Mascara

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