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NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Cheek Glow

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The great NYC WHeel of color powder


While willy-nilly shopping the makeup section in some random store that I don't even remember which at this time. I came across this interesting looking packaging of blush that had so many different shades of cute pink on it. I was intrigued and wanted to try it out and see what it could do for me that no other blush product had been able to do for me in the past. Plus it also helped me out in deciding to buy this product the fact that it was currently on sale when i stumbled across it that fateful day in that random store. To note to anyone reading this review, i have never used a wheel mosaic face powder before is product, so i am not able to compare it to anything else out there currently on that market. To see if it was worth the sale price i spent when i used it i found that it was vey easy to apply, and very easy to over apply if i was not to careful and got carried away with the application process. Over all i felt that it did its job of making me looking cute and slightly flush.


Spring Green, WI


NYC Pink Cheeck Glow was terrible!


I really did not enjoy this product whatsoever. I thought that it was not good quality whatsoever! It is very dry and crumbly and i almost wanted to throw it away. No matter what, whenever I used it, it would get all over everything! My floor, bathroom counter, EVERYTHING! The packaging is not good at all either, its very flimsy and not well quality either. I mean NYC is a cheap makeup line, but it's just not worth its money at all. They have some good products, it's just that this is NOT one of them. So no matter what DONT go and waste your money on this product. One of the upside is that the colors itself were very beautiful. It was a mix of beautiful shades of pinks. If the quality was a little better, I think that color would have looked fabulous! I felt like it was just okay on the cheeks. It showed up, but didn't last very long at all. Overall, I would not recommend this product to anyone.


Tumwater, WA




I have not used other mosaic face powders before I used this one nor had I really used any blushes. So I do not have anything to say on that but I did like how this worked. I love how you can get a bunch of colors on your face at the same time. It did bring a glow to my face which is very pale and light, so I need some sort of blush or something like this to help my skin not look like a vampire or the living dead. Now looking back, it was not as good as other blushes that I have used. It did not stay on long plus I had to reply it every so many hours or so. Which was a major disappointment to say the least. Maybe I was not using anything to keep my makeup on, after all this was before I knew about makeup primers and all that stuff too. The colors looking at them are very pretty and bright, I just wish that it would have lived up to its colors. I had such high hopes for this product. There are far better mosiacs out there as well as blushes.


JenniferRMartino@gmail.com, CT


NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Cheek Glow

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