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NYC City Proof 8 Hr Extended Wear Lipgloss - All Shades

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NYC City Proof 8 Hour Lipgloss stays better than most.


When I buy a product, that states it will stay for a period of time, I am always thinking that it is highly unlikely. However, NYC City Proof 8 Hour Extended Wear Lipgloss works. It is really hard to get into the lipgloss as it has a plastic seal that will only come off, using a box cutter. The color I have is #462, Tangerine Crush, and with so many lipglosses I like the color, and then they are clear when they go on. This is not the case with the NYC one. I unscrewed the top cap, and it was a sponge wand that is half an inch long. It is slightly angled to make applying easy. The lipgloss smells of citrus fruit, is slightly sticky, and goes on the color that is shown through the plastic. It really does shine well. So an hour later I had a cup of coffee, and there were rings around the mug, but still plenty on my lips. Later I ate dinner, and still had shiny, pink lips. This really did surprise me. So my answer is 'Yes', it does stay on for a long time. My only problem was that I had to give my mug a really good wash, as the lipgloss wanted to stay on it. I recommend NYC City Proof 8 Hour Extended Wear Lipgloss, as long as you don't mind that sticky feeling on your lips. It doesn't bother me.


New Port Richey, FL


NYC City Proof 8 Hr Extended Wear Lipgloss - All Shades

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